Thursday, April 28, 2011

Reading Becky

"That Sunday the preacher preached about Ahab. Becky listened closely. Ahab had wanted Naboth's vineyard. Because he could not have it, he pouted. Becky tried to picture a grown man pouting. She could not imagine Dad or any other man she knew pouting. She remembered how she had felt when she could not have a store-bought gown. Surly when a person was grown-up, it would be a lot easier to do what was right. She looked around the room. It would be wonderful to be grown up and no longer have to work so hard at growing up!

"We all have our struggles," the minster was saying.

Becky looked intently at him. She could not imagine the minister having to sturggle about anything. Why, ministers knew the whole Bible. They always knew what to do. Becky looked next at the woman seated close by. She gave a little sigh. It would be so long until she was grown up. Mother always knew what to do. That was the way all mothers were. And it would be years and years and years until Becky was a mother.

Becky knew one thing. She did not want to grow up and be wicked like Ahab. It would be a shame to be grown -up and not act like a grown -up. She thought of King Ahab, lying on his bed with his face turned toward the wall. He was pouting so much that he even refused to eat. And his wife was no help to him. She only made matters worse. And to think Ahab' wife was Jezebel, the queen who had painted her face up and tried to make herself look pretty. Becky didn't want to be like her, either. She wanted to be a woman whose adornment was also on the inside -- whose beauty was in being kind and gentle and useful and helpful to others."
 ~ Becky by Sara J. Yoder

Becky is the youngest Child of a family of 5 Children. She is a little Amish gal who loves to use big words and wants to grow up! She comes up with some gradioso plans and it gets her in plenty of trouble but she learns many valuable lessons as her Parents gently guides her to become reponsible.

This was a delightful read aloud! Has anyone read the Benjie book by Sara Yoder?

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  1. I have not read it but looks like a nice little book...God Bless

  2. Oh, Thank you! We always love a lead on a good book!

  3. I've not read the Benji books but saw a bit of it on television some time back. I think it was on nick at night when I visited my grandma and grandpa. We just finished a good children's biogrophy about Tomas Jefferson with a time line in the back. We are trying to work our way through a children's biography about Hans Christian Anderson, it's a slow go though. Have a great day and thanks for sharing the good read. *smile* Sincerely, Mommy of two little blessings & so much more!

  4. Oh, this book sounds fabulous. I was laughing, thinking my baby girl would adore this... the youngest of five, using a grandiose vocabulary, wanting to be grown-up... :)

  5. Thanks for the info on the book. I am going to see if our library has it. We plan on going today. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  6. I have never read this book. It sound like a lot of fun! It's title is definatly worth it! ;D Love Ya!

  7. *Sam* You crack me up! I am assuming Becky snuck in and is behind your name?! ;)


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