Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Camping at Bledsloe

Bledsoe Creek State Park is situated just off Tennessee State Route 25 (Hartsville Pike), roughly halfway between Gallatin and Hartsville, and 35 miles northeast of Nashville. The park is located entirely in Sumner County - Bledsloe CreeK State Park

Bledsloe Creek State Park outside of Nashville, Tennessee

Bledsloe Creek is absolutely a wonderful State Park. Recently restored after the Nashville Tennessee flood, the camping sites are all leveled with new fire pits and picnic tables.

We like to hike and so we found the park trails really enjoyable. The wheel chair accessible trail was one of the most peaceful leveled trail that I have been on. Often the wheel chair accessible trails are short but this one was quite long and very enjoyable. It ran along side a creek.

We also braved the Owl Ridge Trail and the Mayo Mix Trail.

The animal life was abundant at the State Park and were not in the least bit worried about us hiking through their homes. So, when we weren't watching deer (almost hourly), we were able to see several little fawns and also a Turkey with her 9 little babies walking through the campground.

The Children always spot things way before I do!
Apparently, I walked right by this little guy while on the trail.
They couldn't believe I didn't see him.
I didn't mind though. I am not into anything that "snaps" at me!

At the lake, we also went bird watching too.
The Little Ones were able to try out their binoculars on a regular basis.   

Ducks, Cranes, Woodpeckers, Robins, Blue Birds, Cardinals, etc.

Running around with flashlights is always a high light!

The State Park's playgrounds were all new too.

And, of course, after roasting marshmallows the nightly ritual is catching  Fireflies. 

I wasn't aware that Tennessee had monkeys.
Imagine my surprise when I spotted one demonstrating how to monkey around the correct way.

Where do they store their energy?
They rested only long enough to watch the sunset!

Off again, to hike back to the camper.


  1. Looks like a great trip! I liked your animal pictures (even the monkey!) What a neat adventure of discovery for your kids.

    Come Visit Anytime!

  2. Beautiful pictures! I am so glad you are all having a great time. I hope I don't bore you with this comment but it really did my heart good to hear the wheelchair trail was so nice. The last few years of my mothers life she had to use a wheelchair. Going places with us and seeing new things were so important to her. Once when we went to Natural Bridge, my Hubby pushed her all the way to the top so she could see it with us. I love that man! Anyway, she loved it. However it was not a wheelchair friendly trail. I think all parks should have more trails wheelchair accessible. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  3. Great pictures!! Love the sunset one - so pretty.

  4. Looks very peaceful and restful. Did the kids do the park ranger books like they usually do or is that for larger parks?

  5. I really enjoyed the wheel chair trail, Donna. Most of them are not very long or wide. This one was just perfect. I think more parks should have more trails accessible trails too.

    Maria, This State Park didn't have the Jr Ranger Program. However, if they had you bet they would have done them! ;) I am thinking our next place that we will camp will have the program though.
    I Miss You. Thanks for peaking in on me.

  6. Absolutely beautiful. Glad you all are getting some time to saok it all in. *smile* Love the smiles, blond cirls, and solom looks. *smile* They are GREAT! *smile*

    I have a quesiton about your constilation thing you did some time back. You used styrophome cups and a flashlight. I LOVED it and gave it a try, finally, to gear up for a museum organized filed trip, but it didn't work well. I was wondering if you were able to see the constilations clearly when you did it? Thanks. Sincerely, Mommy of two little blessings & so much more!

  7. Yes. It worked okay but not as well as some other ways to do it. I have another child that will be doing Astronomy this year and we will try some of the other ways for fun.

    Tips: You can not have any light come through the outside ridge of the cup. It will show the ring from the cup and mess up the stars. If you want the real “ooh and ahhh” factor you need to use parchment paper some type of tube and then put a rubber band around it and the flashlight. (An oatmeal container does well.) You can also do it with a box or even an umbrella.I have seen it done with a film container and a push pin.

    You can do a google search for constellation flashlight experiments and you can find clear directions for the project.

  8. Oh, the fun you guys are having. It makes me want to pack up my family and run on down to the camp grounds. We love to go camping.

  9. I'm a wanna be camp lover. I want to enjoy camping (because I know we would make great family memories) I just can't do it. But I love reading about other peoples camping experiences.
    BTW, I found your GFC button. It just wasn't loading last night. I'm now a follower :)


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