Sunday, June 5, 2011

Home and It's Impression

“There is nothing in all the influences and surroundings of the home of tender childhood so small that it does not leave its touch of beauty or of marring upon the life. . . . Wherever a child grows up it carries in its character the subtle impressions of the home in which it lives.” - J.R. Miller,  Home Making


  1. LOVE THIS QUOTE!!!!! :-)

    Have a wonderful day!


  2. This is so true. That is why it is so important we have peaceful homes that quietly echo Jesus...

    Great quote.

  3. Great quote! I think Charlotte Mason had a very similar quote but can't find it quick enough to tell you where it is:) It's a good reminder to us to keep our homes in such a way that they have a positive influence on our kids.

  4. That is beautiful. I'm going to look that book up!


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