Thursday, June 9, 2011

Reading Benjie

The more Benjie held the scissors, the more he wanted to cut Ray's hair. It looked so simple. He could try one snip, and if it didn't work, he could stop then. Just one snip.

Secretly, Ray wondered what it would be like to have Benjie cut his hair. But out loud he said, "No, Benjie, you'd better not." But Benjie came closer with the sharp scissors.

Ray did not move, and Benjie took a snip of hair from the side of Ray's forehead.
But it was not as easy as Benjie had expected. He looked at the jagged cut he had made in Ray's black hair. It looked like an upside- down V and a big V at that.

Then suddenly Mom was there. She gave a little scream of horror when she saw what Benjie had done.
"Benjie!" Mom exclaimed. She looked at Ray, and the she looked at Benjie. Benjie swallowed hard, and for once he could not think of anything to say.  
 ~  Benjie by Sara j Yonder page 48

Benjie is a six year old Amish boy who lives on a farm and adores his Family's farm animals. He is learning to be a blessing but is often distracted from doing his chores because of something more fun that he wants to do, which of course causes him to learn some valuable lessons.

Well. A friend says that my blog never shows the ups and downs of Parenting! She said that she wishes I would open up a facebook account again because she misses my statuses about my Little Ones' adventures.  She expressed to me that my stats always made her feel good about her day! She is one of those friends who thinks I should write a book! (Nice to know she enjoys hearing about my parenting chaos moments!)  I am sorry I have no desire to open a FB account again but I did tell her to tune into today's post. So, here ya go. Enjoy!

We have been reading "Benjie" as our read-aloud for some really wonderful character lessons for the boys! Unfortunately, we didn't read about the scissors incident until the day after one of the boys took scissors to my leather sofa  but mostly to my leather pillows. (This is actually my pillow. The V on my Sofa is tiny.)  Yes, they are almost perfect little Vs just like Benjie did in the book!! Oh. But don't think it is just boys that do this to leather sofas. Awhile ago, one of the girls took a black pen to my Mother's soft yellow leather sofa!  All I can say is "They are still being trained. And, we are working on it!"

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  1. This sounds like a book we would enjoy. I hope your leather sofa and pillows were repairable. We were visiting our oldest daughter yesterday when Daniel,her oldest age 3, decided to feed their fish. He proceeded to put an entire container of fish food into the tank. They only have 1 fish and maybe not even him today. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  2. Sorry about your sofa....we have various artwork around our house that is a continual reminder of lessons (hopefully) learned. Sometimes it makes me sigh...and sometimes it makes me smile....sometimes (too often!) it's a lesson for me to remember that it's only stuff...flammable stuff actually, and the sweet souls that created the artwork are eternal. (Don't get me wrong...the artists learned their lessons too!)
    Thanks for the book recommendation! We'll be looking into that book!
    Have a great day!

  3. Oh my, I can't begin to count the times my children did things like this a few years back. Lessons will be learned and they get better as they grow.

  4. Sorry about the sofa. Sounds like you have normal children!! LOL I must say, Aisling made the same comment about your facebook as well. She mentioned the other day that she wishes you were on facebook again... I must say I agree.

  5. I can only!! GiGi to your sweet little blessings.

  6. I like the sounds of that book. I too enjoy reading about what your family is up to...thanks for sharing. Have a great day and a wonderful weekend! Does the training ever end? Once old enough to make proper decisoins soon after the lessons are being taught once again. *smile* Sincerley, Mommy of two litlte blessings & so much more!

  7. Oh, that book sounds wonderful... and the scissors incident... oh, why can't we read about these things before the kids get ideas!


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