Monday, June 13, 2011

A Thrifty Lego Prayer

“Thrift is that habit of character that prompts one to work for what he gets, to earn what is paid him; to invest a part of his earnings; to spend wisely and well; to save, but not to hoard.” ~Arthur Chamberlain

The Little Ones have been wanting more chunky legos for their small collection. So, I have been looking for them off and on for about 2 years. I can find mega blocks galore but not the chunky legos. 

(The container spilled out is the ones that we bought.)

Last month when we headed to Florida, I stopped into the Lego store thinking for sure that I will be able to purchase them. They do not carry them anymore but they had plenty of duplo legos and all the other amazing lego kits. I was disappointed for them. However, we still allowed them to enjoy the hand-on experiences of the lego store play area and then headed out the store with out purchasing anything.  

Two Saturdays ago, while Beloved was out in Nevada, I decided to take the Little Ones thrifting!  While we were piling into the our vehicle, the Little Ones were having a conversation in the back seat. They had asked again for more chunky and duplo legos.

I remarked that we will have to pray and ask God to help us find some more. At that point, the Little Lady said, "Well, let's pray that we find some more chunky legos."

So, we sat in the car and said a prayer.  I reminded them that God would like to provide them with their little desire but it may not be exactly today that we find more legos but that we would make sure that we keep our eye out for some throughout the Summer. 

After cruising through several garage sales and about 2 hours of stop and go, the Little Ones were really enjoying their shopping experience. If they were not shouting out garage sale signs they were talking about the difficulty in sticking with Mommy's garage sale rules that I had made for the day.

By noon, the heat was once again beating down on us. The temps soaring in the upper 90's -- 98 is hot! We were thirsty! People were already feeling the need to pack up their items for the day.  So, I told them that this would be the last garage sale and then we would go get lunch.

The Little Lady said, "Maybe we should pray again."  I chuckled. 
We prayed again.
"Lord, Help us to find more chunky or duplo leggos. And, if not today, please help us to find some soon."

I spotted a sign for a "multi family" garage sale. I pulled over to find that the drive way was long and up a hill.  As I was parking the Little Man shouted, "They have chunky legos!"
The Little Gentleman yelled, "I see them, Mom!"

At this point, I wasn't sure if they could really spot chunky legos from the distance that we were at but we piled out anyway.

 As we walked up, the Little Ones were trying to contain their excitement.
 Not quite walking but not quite running, the began shouting,
"They are here!"
"God answered our Prayers!" 
"Mom. Aren't you glad I have a good eye?"

At this time, the Lady of the Garage Sale must have thought we had ascended on to her quiet afternoon  like a huge gust of wind. She got up and proceeded over to all of us as we were coming up the drive way.
When we reached the top, she looked at me questioningly for I know she heard them talking about the pray being answered. I said, "They have been praying that we would find chunky legos all day." 

From about 4 feet away, I took a glance to see if they truly were chunky legos and not mega blocks. They were and at this point, I was tickled pink for my Little Ones.

Now, of course,  I noticed the green $10 stick on the top. But, never really bothering with garage sale price stickers and always by the chance that they could either quote $10 or give me a lower price. I asked, "How much are the chunky legos?"

She looked at the Little Ones.

The Little man said, "We have been praying for these legos! I am so excited."

I am not sure what she was thinking really but honestly at this point how can you truly disappoint a child who is confessing God had answered his prayer!

She said, "My Grandson doesn't play with them anymore. So, how about $5."

I said, "Perfect!"  (She didn't need to know I would have paid $10.)

And then you would have thought that heaven just rained down with the sound of little giggles for everyone screamed in delight, "God is so good!"

(The Little Man's lego helicopter. The propeller really does go around and around.)


  1. This is wonderful Carmen, God is SO good. The children will always remember what God did.

    Love the doggy pic too, how sweet...

  2. mommy's heart is just swelling w/ their recognition of God's concern for even the "extra" things in life! I love that you've trained your children to see God's hand working! and that they immediately thank Him for the provision! Good job, Carmen! and AMEN!

  3. Ditto to what Keri said, it's great how you've trained them to see God at work in their lives! He is so good isn't He!

  4. You have done well on your training. Don't we serve an awesome God. He shows us in so many ways that He love's us. This uplifted me this morning. Things like this has happened to our family also and we would be overjoyed too. Enjoy your blessings.

  5. I REALLY enjoyed this ! It brought smiles the whole way through. It was so neat that the Lord showed your kiddo's that day that sometimes we receive the desires of our hearts and that we have such a loving and giving God. PTL!

    Blessings and ((HUGS))

  6. The faith of a little child
    Have them pray for Zada's return. God cares about our animals too.

  7. Amen, children, Amem! I have a yard sale story similar to yours. Isn't it great how God cares for even the smallest desires of our hearts. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  8. A wonderful and charming story!!


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