Saturday, June 11, 2011

Thrifty Thomas Tike Train Tracks

“More people should learn to tell their dollars where to go instead of asking them where they went.” ~ Roger Babson

Beloved taxied me around in our new van this morning so the Children and I could hop in and out searching for some good buys! Eventually, one garage sale had me at a home where the Family had not cleaned out their back shed in quite a long time.

In 90 degree weather with the sun beating down on me I scanned the drive way and the amount of packed cardboard boxes. I was overwhelmed. (It takes a lot to overwhelm me!)  I sifted through a few before I came upon a box with a good bit of miscellaneous items.  Buried beneath the stuff in the box was some wooden train toys.  These were just perfect for the boys and would give a good many hours of indoor play fun.

(The items outside the containers is what I bought to add to their collection. In the store the 2 sets of train tracks would be about $40. I am not sure about the attachments.)

The lady quoted me $5.00 for the entire falling apart cardboard box.
"Oh! (sounding a little surprised) But, I don't want the whole box!"
She said, "You must take the whole box."
I looked at the huge box and was rather annoyed.
The cardboard box had so much stuff in it that I didn't want -- including Spiders!

So, once again, I said, "I am sorry.  (giggle) I really do not want the whole box. I just want the train set."
She said, "You must take the whole box."
I said. "Really?  I truly just want the trains. I will be honest with you. I would throw the rest of the stuff away."
She said, "That is fine. Throw it away. But, you must take the whole box."
Errr! This crazy military town!!!!!
 I sighed and giggled.
"I really don't want to put that whole box in my brand new van. I just bought the van yesterday."
She said, "You must take the whole box or no sale! It all most go. I am cleaning out my shed."
I am thinking to myself, "Hmmm! This lady does not live with a perfectionist and apparently has not dealt with a redhead lately"

At that point, I summed her up.
I was not intimidated.
I thought to myself, "Here we go."

Beloved walked away --- allowing me to do my redhead thing.
He took the Children back to the air conditioner.

Patiently and quietly I pulled out the train set. 
Dodged about 5 spiders and a couple of other bugs too.
Tossed a handful of leaves.
I barley kept in a shriek when a lizard poked his head out!

The train items were all out of the ripped cardboard box and separated from the other trashy- treasure items.
At which time, I smiled and said, "How much for the train set, sweetie?"
She looked at me.
Then said, "Give me a price!"
I thought so!  Just like my Dad -- all bark and no bite!

I said, "$4.00 but you keep the rest of THAT box!"
She said, "I will take it!"
I went to the van and got my money.
She had the train set all waiting for me in a plastic bag.
See! She was a sweetie!

All Cleaned up!
And, being played with...


  1. Sticking to your made a great deal. Hey. Where are pictures of the new van?

  2. I love it! Never say quit. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  3. You're so funny! I would not have put that box in my car either! Looks like a great train set.

  4. Mom. I am sure she was thinking, "I can't even give the box away!" But, I wasn't going to give her a dollar extra and then me have the work of having to cart the box off for her! (giggle)

    Mrs. Donna! Wow. What treasure you found "greenbox" shopping! The term "greenbox" gives me the giggles. I like the books from the garage sale too.

  5. Carmen!!! Where are you when I'm going to Saturday garage sales?!! I need you with me! Hilarious. Great deal!!

  6. Ah, you run a tough bargain! Glad it worked out! We LOVE trains!

  7. You go girl, I have a close friend in my church that is a red head. You and


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