Friday, July 29, 2011

Little Man turns 6

"Since 1953, the Corvette has been the American Race Car." - Corvette Museum

Just before Beloved heads out again we had a birthday to celebrate. The Little Man is going to be turning 6 next month and so to celebrate as a Family we decided to take his birthday trip early and go see the National Corvette Museum.

When we arrived, we immediately knew this place was going to be interesting! If you own a Corvette you get special treatment such as a front row spot for Corvette owners only. Also, if you own a Corvette they will wash and wax it for free too.

Our Family vehicle didn't reek with VIP treatment but we were pleased to find out that all Active Duty Military and their Family are allowed to explore the Museum for free.

This is their special military exhibit dedicated to POW/MIAs.

Now obviously this Museum is all about Fast Cars but I found this little tid bit very interesting! This is actually the very first Corvette!  Yes, a WW2 Ship -- and in honor of this ship and its crew they named the Car.

This was interesting to me as well. It is a picture of a Corvette which covered the entire wall. It is made of small pictures of people with their Corvettes.

The Museum obviously was full of Corvettes displayed to entertain.
The Little Lady and I agreed that this was made for redheads who love to wear black! 
A 1959 Corvette. 

This one was made the year I was born. It suits me too!  A 1973 Corvette.

Cruising through some more displays...

Beloved's Military Unit flies the Pace Car into some of the Dayton and Coca Cola car races. They open up their "birds" and the Pace Car drives out to start the race. So, here is the Little Gentleman standing by a pace car just because pace cars are his favorite!

The Little Man thought it was the best "Birthday trip" ever and has been speeding his 1962 grey convertible corvette all over the place. 

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  1. A great birthday celebration with the family especially since the Little Man is into race cars.

    I think I like the black corvette too.

  2. Happy Birthday to your Little Man. It looks like he had a great time. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  3. Looks like a fabulous trip! :-) Happy birthday to your little man!


  4. Very cool, I think there must be a museam for just about everything now adays. Fun stuff, I like the porduction line display although I am a 1972 model :). Have a blessed day.

  5. I am drooling, what a fantastic trip. Thanks for sharing on the Field trip hop. I love the sting ray corvette:)

  6. Looks like a very fun place to visit! Don't know how I missed this post....guess just summer....

  7. How wonderful! That picture made of lots of pictures would be so cool to see.

  8. What a cool field trip; my husband would love it. My Dad had a convertible Corvette, but sold it before I was born.


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