Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Marveling at the Stomach Capacity - The White Lady

The White Lady by Marcia MacDonald (aka. Grace Livingston Hill)

"My brother, he works at the grocery, an' he don't never call me nothin' but 'kid." If it wasn't fer mother-- she calls me "Jimmy',   yet -- I'd forget I was anything but the Kid. 'Crazy Kid," the fellers call me."

"His mouth was full of good things, and she marveled at his capacity and the rapidity with which he was emptying the bench. For herself a very little of each article sufficed. The quality was not what she was accustomed to find on her home table. Nevertheless, she did quite well, considering the viands.  On the other hand the boy was having the time of his life. Not even the pickles were too much for him, and he was rapidly lowering the bottle with no thought, apparently, of ceasing till he had completed his task. She wondered what kind of a stomach he possessed, but he seemed not in the least concerned about that."

* I had always heard that the stomach capacity of boys was huge but no one told me that it starts exercising its expansion at the age of 4 and 5!! Gone are all the puddings, applesauce and yogurts that were bought for Sister due to her getting braces the other day. 

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  1. Just wait until little boys become teenage boys. It is amazing the amount of food they can eat. Enjoy your day and God bless.


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