Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Bean Experiment 1 and 2

It is much better to learn the elements of geology, of botany, or ornithology and astronomy by word of mouth from a companion than dully from a book.  - Ralph Waldo Emerson

This is a small section in the Apologia Botany book that I use for introducing the Little Lady to Beans.

I read a small section out of the book each day. The Child doesn't read the section but does see the book when she is doing an activity. They narrate what they learned back to me after I read them the section.  Lastly, we do an activity that goes along with the section. Some times these activities are in the book and other times I make them up. All of the activities go into her Botany notebook. Really simple with lots of learning going on!

The Bean and how it grows...

The 1st Experiment - We soaked beans so we can open a bean to see what was inside...

Then she labled the parts ...

The 2nd Experiment  - We place 3 bean seeds with warm water and a paper towl into 3 ziplock bags. One went in the Window of the camper. The second is in a Dark Spot of the camper which she chose to put in her closet with no light. The third is in the Refrigerator.

She is spending 12 days charting the grown of each bag into her notebook.

Her Hypothesis is:
The Window will grow the fastest.
The Dark Spot will grow second fastest.
The Refrigerator beans will grow least.

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