Friday, September 9, 2011

Finished with the Week of Me!

Every time I think of it I pinch myself 'cause I don't believe it's true, that someone like you loves me too! - Unknown

A week of me!!!  I refuse to put post pics of me so this is a very rare glimpse into what I do all day! This was done only because of a request!!!

Friday, Sept 2nd

                         Just us gals relaxing together during our last Friday movie night here at the house before we go camping for several months.

Scootering with the boys.

Saturday, Sept 3rd
                                                         Playing Tag


Sunday, Sept 4 - (Happy Birthday, Mom)

  Rushing to get the Roast on the Stove before Church

On a side note:  Yes, I am aware that  I don't do vertical stripes or prints well! 

Monday,  Sept 5 -

I have been trying to read "The Story of the World" so I can be ahead of the Little Ones this year. The Little Man will do Egypt just like the Little Lady did last year. The Little Lady is doing Greeks and Romans. So, I have to refresh my memory on the subject. Reading with 4 little ones in the house means that I some times have a book in my hand while standing up.  Typically, I read standing up mostly at the stove though!

Tuesday, Sept 6 -

Beloved said, "You pick up Little People and you pick up after Little People all day!"
I said, "True. Hurry snap a picture!"

(A Pony-tail day!)

Wednesday, Sept 7-  (Happy Birthday, Little Miss)

 My favorite color is brown!!!
You will find me wearing brown and black alot!
I like funky earrings too.
So, it is disappointing that they don't show!
All you see is hair! Errr.

Also, the tempature dropped from the High 90's to the low 70's and I was freezing!
But, no one else was as usual!
So, that is why I am in long sleeves. Brrr.

The request to see the two redheads in the same picture has been granted!

The picture with all of us girls together!

And the request to see me with my Children has been granted! ;)
We are celebrating the Little Miss's birthday today!

Thursday, Sept 8 -

I spent the morning tagging 200 articles of clothing for a consignment sale.
Then, I spent the evening packing up our camper!!

Friday,  Sept 9-

  Just finished packing the camper for our long adventure! 

That is it! A week of me!
I will remind you that the days without make-up was simply the days without make-up!
I did no altering of my hair either! 
It just is what it is!!!

Now, I can go back to being just the ghost writer of this blog.  


  1. Let me guess ---- "Pride and Prejudice"

    Did I get it right?

  2. There ya go! That is fantastic.

  3. Great pictures of you, and your hair, wow, it's long, red curly and absolutely beautiful!

  4. Can you believe it wasn't P&P?! Giggle

    Rosemary, You forgot VERY big!!! ;)

  5. Hard to believe it wasn't P&P. Great pictures of you and the kiddos.

  6. Ah, there you are!! Nice photos, Carmen.

  7. Nice to see you about your day/week!

  8. So glad you put these up I miss your dear face, my friend!!!

  9. I loved this!!! I so enjoy a peek through pictures into my friends lives! Y'all are such a beautiful family... and such gorgeous hair you have! :)

  10. I so ENJOYED this one, this was sooooo fun to read...THANKS! Hope your road trip is a blessing. We are heading back home (Louisiana) for about a week then it's back on the road again!!! Can't wait for the new camper...but not looking forward to packing up the old and putting it all in the new...JOY!!!God Bless Ya ;-)

  11. love your dress in those first shots~ can i have it when you're done?? ;)

    your hair is are you. love the glimpses into your day.

    fun scooter shot!! :)

  12. Such beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing "you". God bless.


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