Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Listen and Draw a Rocket

"NASA engineers build spaceships, telescopes, robots, and many other usefult hings for space exploration....." Exploring Creation with Astronomy  page 7

Below is a Listen and Draw exercise off of the NASA site. Of course, the Little Man didn't know what he was going to be drawing until after he listed to the instructions. 

I used it to go along with the small paragraph  in the Apologia Astronomy Book where it does a little blurb about what NASA is and what it does. 

The boys are drawing and shooting off in space all sorts or rocket drawings!  But, this is the very first one that was drawn and colored while following the instructions

Rocket Builder
1. Draw a triangle at the top of your paper. Put the point on top. This will be the body of your rocket.
2. Draw a rectangle under the triangle. Draw the long sides up and down. This is the body of your rocket.
3. Draw a triangle under the right bottom corner of the rectangle. Put the point on the triangle at the top. This is one of your rocket's engines.
4. Draw another triangle under the left bottom corner of the rectangle. Put the point of the triangle at the top. This is the other engine for the rocket.
5. Draw a circle inside the top triangle so the astronauts can see out. This is the window.
6. Draw three lines going down from under the right engine.
7. Draw three lines going down from under the left engine. This shows your rocket is moving.
8. Color and decorate your rocket.


  1. He followed the directions very well. Great job!!

  2. Looks like he did a very good job. I love drawings. When our girls were little Grace had drawings on every wall. She keeps them all in a book now. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  3. I'll bet even I could do this!


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