Saturday, September 17, 2011

A Civilized Pilot

Here's to the pilot that weathers the storms. ~ George Canning

Beloved said, "No one could slap the smile off my face all day!"
And, in order to get this 6'5" tall man into that Aerobatic plane,
He said,  "They might have to fold me up but I am getting in it!"
Iceman came home from his 1st day of Military Fixed Wing School with this type of headset! (Of his 24 years in the military, 22 has been flying helicopters.)
He almost looked civilized! I say almost because he still had his green suit on.

It was strickingly different from what he normally wears when he is flying! 
Wouldn't you say so? (giggle)

Don't they look sexy? I mean TOUGH and SCARY?
Our "unit" guys are once again GI Joe action figures. You can now buy Pilots off the T*y R Us shelf.


  1. LOL....he cracks me up too....he is the perfect model for a GI Joe action figure.

  2. Seriously! This is the "units" action figure. It looks better than the last one with the blue shirt (that the guys complained about because they ONLY wear black!) But, that last one did look like the Iceman! This one has a small head. Very unlike most "Special" Pilots! ;) (heehee!)

  3. Love it all!! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I hope to get some good pics of his first day flying, Aunt Sidney. ;)

  5. Prepared for the worst, I guess! But yes, scary looking!

  6. You are so funny:) I cannot find the action figure. And yes sexy is correct with a a bit of tough and scary. :)


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