Monday, October 3, 2011

Dissecting a Rose and a Lilly

"For most students academic learning is too abstract. They need to see, touch and smell what they read and write about." J. Goodland

The Little Lady had to dissect a rose and a lilly for Botany.
She really enjoyed it.

She put all the parts in ziplock bags.
We labeled them and then she put them in her notebook.


  1. Looks great! I may have to check out your curriculum! We don't have a "formal" science curriculum at present....(cooking in our kitchen can be quite the experiment though!:))
    Also, I wanted to say again that I'm really excited for your new addition! Hope you are feeling well.....though it is of some consequence when you're not feeling well, that it is for a phenomenal reason! - and that word doesn't even accurately describe it!

  2. Thank You, Keri.

    I am feeling well. I have had in the past good pregnacies. It is the deliveries that are full of drama. sigh.


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