Friday, January 27, 2012

Go to work with Daddy day

National take a Child to Work day is April 28, 2012 - NTCWD

Well, we are several months early on doing the above National Holiday! :)
We had our little field trip today!  And, since I am not allowed to take pictures of our field trip I am actually going to open up more than I normally do and write about it. So, you will get a little more than just a quick snap shot, today. 

Well, It was one of those “GO TO WORK” with Daddy mornings where Beloved schedule a little time where we could slip into his “aircraft” simulator while it wasn’t being used. Anyway, It was really fun.  It was also a little over stimulating to be in a  super-duper simulator that has full motion with 4 Kiddos who wanted to take the simulator flying behind planes, under bridges, over mountains, landing on dams, landing on boats, and landing in dust clouds! Never so fast can you go from the East Coast to the West Coast and then over to the other side of the world with just a few clicks of a button.  

Everyone wanted to have a turn at the controls.  And, so with Beloved being in the left seat we were able to keep the simulating aircraft from crashing a red alert! (Please, notice I didn't say we didn't freeze it to a crash point!)  Sometime during the flight, the Little Gentleman found the daytime/night time button and he kept putting it on and off. That could really wig your eyes out! They also found the head sets that must make you think you have to talk extremely loudly!  And, then one of our old time pilot friends gave the Little Miss a stick in the back and she spent a good bit of time using the simulator machine gun bullets up which made the simulator vibrate even more.

 Oh, the excitement.  The excitement  was just building and to see if I could just tip it over the edge a little, it was about an hour into it that with all the motion and happiness that I asked if anyone had ever gotten sick in the simulator.  (I am naughty like that though! giggle) One of the pilot looked at me! I smiled. I am pregnant after all.
A little while into the flight one of the Kiddos had to take a bathroom break, so an old time retired pilot friend who is one of the simulator operators, got in the seat and took us to the Hoover Dam -- simulator style. He landed on the Dam. He did a few little helicopter turn arounds and said to the Little Man, “Your Daddy trained me how to do this!”  I couldn’t help but smile. I forget who he has trained over the years! And, then it dawned on me, this pilot that Beloved trained is retired! 

When Beloved got back I remarked that the retired pilot's landing was smooth with not even a hint of a contact bump while with Beloved's you could fill a contact with the ground. Beloved just looked at me and then looked at him. (I am picky on pilot landings!)  The Pilot said, "I had it off motion, sir!"  I thought I almost ruffled Beloved's feathers. (giggle --see just naughty!)
The simulator retired pilots were great! They are all old friends that we have met from over the years who have flown in action with Beloved.  All the ones up there today, all knew Beloved and I before we even had Children.  Some of them had never met the Kiddos! Which really is a shame since they are just around the corner but that is the nature of this job – in and out and all around. It is easy to keep up with family news but not so easy to run into everyone even though it is a tight knit community. 

Our time finally ended.  Even with all the toddler and elementary action, the “A TYPE Pilots” didn’t get ruffled up!  But, I teased anyway and said, “I am sure it is going to take several hours for you guys to detox from our clan!”   One of the guys laughed and said, “It sure is hard to remember what this age is like because my teenagers are all sloths!”  Yes! It is easy to forget, I guess.  But , Oh, how I hope that I won't ever miss the wide-eye excitement of watching them seeing new things and doing fun things with such expression.  I hope they will forever be excited about new things.  This age is fun and challenging. I love how they just let joy flow so abundantly at this age!

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  1. Wow! What a wonderful adventure! Sounds amazing!


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