Monday, March 19, 2012

Blowing In A New Routine

The secret of your future is hidden in your daily routine - Murdock

Everything is new! The only thing familiar to our family is our camper. We are settled into our camping spot at Beloved's next duty station. Until things begin to unfold as to his new job, where we might live, getting Drs establish, how long we will have to live in this camper, etc., we will just slowly get into a routine of doing those small family activities that the children enjoy such as ....

                                                         Blowing Dandelions

Having Campfires....


Eating Marshmallows!


  1. Well, I'm glad you're there and getting settled. The pictures are cute!

  2. Looks like you got all the important stuff covered! (Except for ARE getting naps, right?!?) :)

    Praying for you during your current adventure!

  3. And another adventure continues!! We're thinking of you and you're always in our thoughts and prayers.
    Love you

  4. Wow that has to be hard on everyone. I don't know how big your camper is but still stuff.. sometimes we have to just do things ..Dandelions are out and going by already wow we still have snow in places.. But it has gotten up in the 80's for a few day.. God Bless..

  5. That would be so challenging, to just pick up and move and start everything new. You must be a pro at it, and I'm sure (knowing you a little as I do) that you do it all effortlessly! Her sweet curls and WHITE hair are adorable! Did your older daughter have hair that color at the start,, or was it always red like yours? How are you feeling?

  6. Been keeping you and your family in my prayers and hoping all comes together soon for you!


  7. Jamie. I figured you would agree that I got the basics down! Giggle! I am holding out for Washington in 2 years or so! OH, My! The "STARS" here! They breed them here it appears! We like the quieter spots as you can imagine! Save me a cabin! ;)

    (Sigh) No naps but I will try to work on that!

    Denise, The Little Miss has always been a blond like the Little Gentleman. The Little Lady has always been red. The Little Man came out brown! Beloved use to be blond and now is brown. I have always been red! I have no idea what God's color will be for the next one! Maybe a rainbow? Should we take guesses?


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