Thursday, April 26, 2012

Celery Stem Absorption

 Water and minerals are transported in stems by the xylem....   water climbs up the xylem vessels....    Science on the Shelf 

While the Little Lady was doing the absorption experiment with the "Root", we started on the Stem chapter in her book as well.  This chapter's activity was to do a "stem absorption experiment". So, we used red dye for this experiment and put it on my tiny little camper counter as well. 

 Celery, red dye, water 

After 24 Hours.
She is observing the xylem -- those small little dots that carry the water up through the stem.


  1. I did this with my daycare group a few months ago. Fun!

  2. This one is such an oldie but goodie! I always love doing it!

  3. Looks like you have been doing lots of fun projects. I know your kids so enjoy doing them. God bless.

  4. Fun! Are you using apologia for science?

  5. Yes. We are using the Apologia Science books in order. They make their own science nature book on the subject that they are studying. (The two oldest are in different books) It is working well and is one of their favorite subjects.

  6. oh ok! glad to hear that! we are still considering our options for next year which is why I asked:)

  7. Rosemary, give me a few days and I will post pictures of what their notebooks look like....

    I have been told that there are other sciene textbooks that are just as equal in value but I have looked at them. I just tend to stick with what we have and not skip around.

    I do add on AO books that fit it with the subject we are studying. Ex. I have the Audobon book they suggest from AO and will have her read it again while studying "flying creatures" next.

  8. What fun. I always had to remember the xylem started with a letter at the end of the alphabet and so does water. Phloem sounds like it starts with an F and so does food... It has stuck with me for years. :)


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