Thursday, April 12, 2012

First English Riding Lesson

A lovely horse is always an experience.... It is an emotional experience of the kind that is spoiled by words. ~Beryl Markham

Beloved searched around the last few weeks and took us all to visit a couple of horse stables, horses and trainers. We were so pleased with their old trainer, Mrs. Kathy, who taught them western trail riding, that we wanted to make sure that the Children had a great experience here as well.  

(New riding shoes and Jadpurs)

After speaking with a few ladies and visiting around, we were pleased to find a nice lady named Mrs. Megan who teaches English Riding. Mrs. Megan also helps children do horse shows. The Little Lady was thrilled with this idea and with switching. The boys who just like to do anything fun was perfectly fine with the change as well.

(Picking flowers at the Farm)
So, today was their first lesson!
They knew it was going to be different and challenging.
Mrs. Megan only teaches each of them for 30 minutes.
But, she works them hard!
They have sore leg muscles this afternoon.
The Little Man demonstrating balance while learning Posting.

Doing the Half Seat Position for the first time.

The Little Lady trotting while Posting

Trotting in the Half Seat Position

The Little Gentleman learning how to Half Seat.

He giggles and giggles at trotting that he can't do much else but sit when he gets tickled!
It is extremely funny to us all.  

Today, their host pony was Rimple.
He is a Strawberry Roan colored Welsh Cob Pony.
He is 36 years old.
A fabulous pony.


  1. Sound like they had a great day. Glad they are getting to continue their horsemanship training.

  2. That's fabulous! I just love the way old horses treat young children. I think they make the best of partners!

  3. What a wonderful experience! I know my Hayley would love to learn this, she loves horses so much :-)Have a good evening!


  4. Ashlyn gets to ride a horse for the first time this coming weekend and she is beside herself with excitement. We have the one horse here but he is not ride able -something that has always made us sad. She loved seeing these pictures!!

  5. Katie, I hope she has a good time. You must take a picture and send it to me. I want to see her face!

  6. oh wow! my dd would LOVE to do something like this!


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