Saturday, April 21, 2012

Running in the Heroes Run

"I can't believe I am paying to run!"
 -Quoting Beloved because it was just to funny this morning! What you do for your Children! ;)

The Little Man ran in a Heroes Family Fun Run today.  
This was a 1K where the Child and Parent run together. 
It was the Little Man's first running event.

Beloved is explaining to him the gun shoot off. He is telling him that it is important to keep a pace even if people are going to run past you.  And, he is telling him about how everyone is bunched up in the beginning and then spread out. 

He also told him not to get caught up in the people passing him and to just stick at your normal jogging/running pace.  It only took 150 yards for the Little Man to get caught up in people passing him!  He began sprinting --- leaving Beloved behind.

He eventually got tired and a little cramped. So, he then got back to his normal jogging pace that they train at...  still coming in at the head of the pack! Lesson learned?!


He was so excited about his....

 run medal

and his shirt!

The others want to join in now!
But, the question Beloved wanted answered today was,
 "How long will it take for Mommy to join in?"
Um... no plans right now! I am a cheerleader.
 "Fire Cracker. Fire Cracker. Boom. Boom Boom!"  


  1. lol! yes, I don't think I'd be running either:) how nice is that though, a great father / son thing to do!

  2. Way to go!!! Jogging in a race can be tough and at first you feel like you're stuck in a herd of stampeding cattle.

    Great Job!

  3. I think he will make a very good runner. He seems so serious listening to his Dad. Tell him congratulations from us. God bless.

  4. Ill cheer with you! Austin finished his Presidential year with a 6min mile. I was exhausted just watching! ;)


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