Saturday, May 19, 2012

Thinking Beyond the Peremeters

        "Obstacles are things a person sees when he takes his eyes off his goal.” -Cossman

I adore this sweet entrepreneur stage!
His weed shop. 4 cents!

You can't take him anywhere with out him shopping with his bottom in the air!
He finds money under tables, under aisles, soda machines, toy machines, car parking lots, and the laundry mat floor. It is amazing! He could probably fund his own college education if he keeps it up!
In just a month he has found  $4.00 just due to the "Bottom In the Air" shopping!


  1. Oh, how I can identify with this one! :) I am constantly tripping over my kids in stores as they dive to pick up loose change...and they are always busy creating artwork, crafts, and stories to sell (to their siblings!)

    The girls want to start a business: Wildflower picking. They think it would be great if someone would hire them to pick all the wildflowers on their property...and of course my girls would haul them away! :)

  2. sounds just like my dd! she often finds coins in the abandoned supermarket trolleys (over here in some supermarkets you need to insert a coin to use it, the idea being you would return it to its place to get your money back, ha! lots of busy people leave it abandoned anyway, much to my dd's delight!)


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