Tuesday, July 31, 2012

More Pictures: Edited Colonial Father-Daughter Time

"To a Father growing old nothing is dearer than a daughter." ~Euipides

The hardest part about moving to me is finding a Church.  So, we are really thankful that we are enjoying our Church Family.

 This past, Sunday, Beloved and the Little Lady went to a Colonial Father-Daughter Church Banquet. Apparently, they had a great time! And, except for the pictures of them outside, the pictures are from the Little Ladies point of view.
The evening began with them arriving at Church and finding everyone playing outdoor Colonial games while the ladies inside finished up with last minute touches to the Church.

Inside the Church was decorated with many Colonial Items.
 I am told that when they entered, the Family that hosted the event had placed many Colonial Items on tables around the Church. Everyone was to go around and write their guesses on what the items were on a sheet of paper. The Little Lady and Beloved knew most of them. 

The banquet was Colonial Food, of course!
                                      Chicken peanut soup, Ham, Potatoes, Beans and Biscuits
Blue berry cobbler, Peach Cobbler and Apple Crisp.
The dining arrangements of apples and pineapples were taken home by the Families who attended the banquet.

Apparently, the older girls planned several skits for the banquet. 
One skit was the older girls having the little girls sing along with them to a song. As they sang the song the older girls showed how to use the items that they used in Colonial times.  
I am sure you can figure out the tune of the song...

"This is how we spin the wool, spin the wool, spin the wool.
This is how we spin the wool in Colonial Times." 

Another skit the older girls did was about young ladies going to a "finishing" school to learn the art of being a lady. The skit showed how to do a proper tea and the steps to the Virginia Wheel. The Virginia Wheel portion of the skit was really an ingenious way to teach the Fathers how to do the dance so they could dance with their daughters during the banquet.  

These are the older girls (15 to 22ish).
All of them were homeschool.
Apparently, they spent some of their time sewing!
They all made their own colonial dresses just for this event. 

The banquet is still the talk of the week!


  1. Wow he looks like Fess Parker..aka Daniel Boone.
    Nice picture of both.

  2. My boys love Danil Boon, good job.
    Are y'all still camping? Looks nice and green...here in TX its dry and dead!!!

  3. They look great in their costumes!

  4. Vanyah, So glad to see you on!

    Yes. We are still living in the camper. We have been in it for 9 out of the last 12 months. We get our house in two weeks.

    The internet connection is very slow here. So, I am not able to update as much unless I use my phone mifi. It is green here on the east coast but it is extremely hot.

  5. How wonderful. What a great memory making time. So neat.

  6. That looks like so much fun! mind you I didn't recognise a lot of the food names except for ham, beans and biscuits lol!


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