Saturday, July 7, 2012

Sleeping Little Lass

O bed! O bed! delicious bed!
That heaven upon earth to the weary head.
~Thomas Hood, Miss Kilmansegg - Her Dream


  1. Precious :) hope you are doing well!

  2. Oh my goodness, she is adorable!! So sweet. I love looking at sleeping babies. God bless.

  3. How do you do, Little Lass!

  4. Oh how delightful to see her up close. She looks so much like her oldest soft. I hope you are doing well Carmen, did all of your shingles go away? I hope all is going well for you and your new blessing.

  5. She sleeps a lot. A sleeping beauty! She is a very good baby! She does look like her sister in this picture. I didn't notice. I have been thinking she looks like the Little Man. They change so much in just a few weeks.

    Melissa, I am trying to get in touch with you. Your blog link keeps taking me to your mission5 account and won't let me hook up and switch over. But, I am trying also to get you an email. Can you email me? It won't go through as well.

    Shingle patches went away but the pain still travels ever now and then up the spine. That stuff is awful!

  6. Beautiful!!!!! I want to hold her!!!!

  7. Congratulations! How did I miss this? Hope you are feeling well!

  8. WOW! She is so precious, congrats!


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