Saturday, September 8, 2012

A Raven Rock Cliff Hike

"Raven Rock State Park sits along the fall zone, an area where the hard, resistant rocks of the foothills give way to the softer rocks and sediments of the coastal plain."  - Raven Rock
Raven Rock State Park - Raleigh, North Carolina
This year's birthday event for the Little Miss was to go on a hike.
 And, what a hike we did too!
Raven Rock State Park is absolutely stunning! The trails for hikers and horse riders are fabulously kept free of debris.  The cliff rock is stunning! It rises 150 feet into the air and stretches more than a mile along the Cape Fear River. The name of Raven Rock was named after the Ravens that formally roosted there. The park is over 4,000 acres of beauty!
We were pleasantly surprised by the Park's picnic pavilion when we arrived! 
They were very nicely built and it allowed us to have a wonderful little picnic.  
Lunch: Birthday girl's request of Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches
Plenty of Snacks!
Hiking down and up the trail for the first mile.
The Little Lass is on her second hike!
She graduated to the backpack.
5 Kiddos later and I can write the company and say,
"It must be extremely comfortable. They all fall asleep in it!"
A mile into the hike, we came upon the split off to go to the cliff rock.
To get to it you  have to hike down 150 steps.
The platform you see in the below picture is just the half way point!
The steps are steep.  We had already done a good many steps!
The picture below this one is Beloved on that bottom platform saying to me,
"How you doing?"  
Below the Cliff
Along  Raven Rock...  

Then back up those steps!!
When we reached the top, we took a snack break!
At the 1 1/2 mile mark,
we came upon a look out that is situated above Raven Rock over looking the river.
After 2 Miles of hiking some moderate terrain we were glad to see the trail end! 


  1. Wow - great exercise, a beautiful walk, and - peanut butter and jelly for lunch! What a day! :)

  2. Oh what fun...we need to go on a hike here soon now that it's cooling off. :-)

  3. Lovely photos in a beautiful area! :D

  4. what a fun family day! and a great b/d request I must add from little Miss:) you guys must be a really fit family! :)


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