Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Flash Card Recall

I want to build a bridge. I'd like to close the gap between math and history, science, literature and humanity created by the isolated way we traditionally approach math education. -
I  am new to the livingmath concept! But, I am about to look into it more because I get very tired of Math worksheets quickly! Yes, you read that right! Not the kiddos but me! I don't like Math but please don't tell my kiddos that! They don't know. 
 I am not dissatisfied with our curriculum.  Even in all of its repetitiveness, I think it is a really excellent curriculum. So, I am not looking at changing it! I have it! It works!  They will do it!  I would just like to make Math more enjoyable and fun! So, I am looking into having some more living math concepts come our way. 
 Meanwhile, while I do the research....
I allow two days off!
One day we spend time doing rapid recall flashcards.
 The other day they are reading math "literature" books. 
Three days of worksheet lessons.
 I got the add, sub, multi, and divide flashcards from
You must check them out because they have stuff for all type of learners! 
Some times, we just practice auditory recall. 
Other times, we practice writing recall.
If we are doing writing recall, we do it with the expo-slates.
The older ones like these erase boards. 
I  do it this way because it trains the brain to make the connections repetitively.
and in the process it decreases math number writing reversal.
And, yes...
because you can see how frustrated she is in the background...
Little Miss did finally get the teething toy.


  1. Math is not my kids favorite thing to do in school so we go round and round with it....I enjoy it on the other hand! :-) Anyway, I started making games for math to help them, like "Bingo"

  2. Well, I'm sorry to say we both love maths, yes both dd and me:) it's our most favourite subject:) btw, love love love the last two pictures, so so cute! :)


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