Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Math - Literature

"Beauty in mathematics is seeing the truth without effort."  - George Polya
I wanted to expand our home library with some math literature. 
So, I did some research and found these.
HERE is a list of Math Literature books for all sorts of concepts.
 I think in two days the Little Lady had all of these devoured. 
She has read "Mummy Math:Geometry, Patterns in Peru, Minnie's Dinner,  Pastery in Paris"
over again several times.  
She also said, "The Penny books are a favorite too".
 They remind her of my Mom's Boston Terriers.
  The Boys like "Greedy Triangle and Measuring Penny" the best. 


  1. Denise. They are all grade levels.
    Most of them are K level and 1st grade. "Mummy Math, Pastry School in Paris, Patterns in Peru, What is your Angle Pathagorus" are probably more for above 2nd grade. Sir Cumference books (which I don't have listed) are for 3rd grades. There are many in the "sir Cumf" series and you could probably find them at the library easily.


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