Thursday, September 6, 2012

Shopping for Fall

"His job is to bring in the money, my job is to stretch it." 
Consignment advertisement quote that just cracked me up!
I am of the mind set that you should always be saving
-- drought or abundance-- 
 be a good steward!  
But as the fall season approached, I knew it was going to happen! 
 I was gonna bust the clothing budget.
My clothing "savings" goal was just not realistic!   
I just had so many strikes against me.
 A new area in which I didn't know all the consignment and thrift stores
I didn't get to sale my things at the consignment sales so I didn't get to shop during those early opening drop of days
 I missed all the prime time garage sales with no storage to stock up on those great off season buys while we were in the camper
The Little Lady jumped up a full size.
The Little Man jumped up a full size.
The Little Gentleman jumped up into the size the Little Man jumped into.
The Little Miss just grew into size 3T.
And, my garage clothes tubs didn't give me much help with her or the Little Lass' wardrobe due to different seasons 
--- so for the first time -- no savings there!  

So, after shopping at the consignment sale, thrift stores and a few garage sales....
 I had to shop through a catalog for shoes and those last few items.
But, now, the children are finally ready for the crispy cooler weather.
Even Beloved is ready!
After at least 3 years of not having anything new, he finally let me buy him some new polos!

I refuse to buy anything for this post-baby size body!
So, I will be hodge-podging through the post-baby clothes in my closet until my weight evens out,
all the while holding on to the hope of delusion that I will become smaller
 -- Uh! I wish it did not require me to exercise!


  1. Oh how I know the feeling ...I didn't have any winter clothes with us here in TX all was home in the shed and it didn't look like we were going home any time soon, so I found some used clothes BUT had to buy new on most!!!!! I'm about to go through drawers...just NO room for it all!! :-(

  2. Oh well, sometimes we just have to bite the bullet and do it. We purchased shoes yesterday at K-Mart. Buy one get one free so that wasn't so bad. Enjoy your day and God bless.


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