Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Ancient History: Beginning and Flood

" In the beginning, God created...."  - Genesis
The Little Man is doing Ancient History and because sister didn't do any projects when she did it last year, she is going to be included in our History.
I am using three curriculum actually for Ancient History as my spine curriculum.
1. Story of the World by Susan Wise
2. Veritas Press Cards (aka: Classical Conversation cards)
3. The Story of the Ancient World by Christina Miller
To begin the kick off of Ancient History.
We focused on the Six Days of Creation and also Noah's flood.
We also used the "Creation Museums" DVDs.
Two of which were "Six Days" and the "Flood Geology".
Due to people always asking how the dinosaurs fit into the Creation Story,
We used the Creation Museum books that described these events.
1. The Great Dinosaur Mystery
2. Dinosaur for Kids.
3. Dragons Deep
4.  Uncovering the mystery of  Wolly Mammoth
5. Life in the Great Ice Age
"Revealing God's Treasure" was used to reveal where Noah's Ark has been found in Turkey.
We discussed the Noah's Ark National Park in Turkey

The sweet fictional story by Jan Brett called "On Noah's Ark". 
And, the "Grand Canyon: A Different View" will be used in connection with Noah's flood.

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