Thursday, October 11, 2012

Ancient History: Our Egypt Text

"Why do Mummy's tell no secrets?  Because they keep things under wraps."  Mummy Joke

We are doing Ancient Egypt for several weeks. The Little Lady did Ancient History (with Ancient Egypt) last year. She read through Story of the World Ancient Times. However, we never did any projects, oral narrations, or a "Ancient Times" notebook. So, she gets to go back with us and do them with the Little Man. She enjoys doing projects and making her own book so she is happy about it.

Our "secular" text will be portions of the book "Story of the World" by Susan Wise and the "Veritas Press Cards" (aka: Classical Conversation Cards) that focuses on Ancient Egypt.  These two books along with a book called "The Ancient World" by Christina Miller (which is Chrisitan)  I suppose you can say are my spine to keep me moving through Ancient History. I am blending these two curriculum together because I found this site  It did all the work for me in regards to telling me when and how to blend these two core books together.  The site HERE also shows several other corresponding curriculum that can be blended with the Story of the World book. (I had both curriculum already. I did not go out and purchase them just for this.)


Below are the secular books that I am using as well. They will read certain portions of the books. Most of the information in these books are just repeated in other books but every now and then there is something that is just a little different that is good to show them.  I don't believe they should have to read about other god's and mummies over, over and over again. Once they can narrate back to me those things that are important to know about the civilization and they can speak of the god's by correlating it through a Biblical lens -- we just move on. (By saying we move on, I don't mean that they get it in a mediocrity way, we just don't dwell on it.)

These books are our books we are using from a Christian Perspective.
The books focus on a wide range of Ancient Egypt History.
Abraham, Joseph, and Moses.
"The Navigating Egypt"  dvd is from Western Conservatory. Here
Revealing God's Treasure dvd is from Ron Wyatts archeolgy exploration. Here
We will look at the "Red Sea Exploration" in the dvd of Revealing God's Treasure.
You call also find this section on youtube.
Because we are talking about the "sun god" and worshiping 'animals"
I am making sure they understand that we do not bow down to idols.
So, we will just have a quick reminder of that with two stories.


  1. Looks very interesting. I'm sure they will enjoy doing it. My girls have always liked Egypt. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  2. Sometimes I have checked out stacks of books from the library just to look at the pictures.


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