Saturday, November 17, 2012

2012 Space Quilt Top

A bed without a quilt is a like a sky without stars. ~ Unknown
It is that time again....
5, 4, 3, 2, 1
Blast off!
We received our 3 fabrics for this year's National Quilt Museum competition.
The fabrics this year are the black with circular pattern, the purple and the green.
He added the orange fabric into his quilt piece and the embelishments.
The Little Man drew his space rocket for his quilt piece block.
Then, the pattern was cut out and placed on top of the fabric.
He sewed the fabric down with a zig zag stitch.
The space ship and UFO buttons were hand sewn on.
A little bit of ribbon for the space ship flames was a must!
His quilt top piece is finished.
All he has to do is cut the top piece 16x16.
Then, it gets shipped off to Kentucky.


  1. Love it!!! He did a great job and I love the ribbon for the flame on the jets (or whatever they are called). Mom

  2. Isn't that the cutest thing!!

  3. Nicholas - You did a wonderful job! I am so impressed!

    1. Cheryl, He is known as the money man. The contest awards money to the winners. He was determined to make it an "out of this world" creation.

  4. Oh so neat, what a wonderful job. How long has he been sewing? I've been teaching my two older boys hand sewing for now, my oldset loves it....but, not ready for the machine yet. ;-)

    1. He is just learning the basics right now. Handsewing buttons, cutting carefully, and sewing straight lines while I do the foot.


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