Saturday, November 24, 2012

Pondering Nov 2012

"We can only be said to be alive in those moments when our hearts are conscious of our treasures." ~ Wilder
Pondering of November 2012 –

 I simply couldn’t list all the things that I am thankful for this year, although, my family did list so many wonderful things that we counted as blessing over Thanksgiving Dinner.  As our Thanksgiving Festivities came to a close, we gave God Praise for all of his blessings in our lives – protection and provision. We had several “protection” blessings this year. (1) My pregnancy with pre-eclampsia and the shingles just days before delivering. (2) The scorpion bite that made me so sick and still has left it's mark. And, (3) Beloved came close to being run over by two cars just last month.  Really! Meaning he was running across the street at a cross walk and one lane of traffic stopped but a car behind the traffic chose not to do so and instead went around the cars and zoomed by in the other lane. Beloved stopped quickly with his hands up in the air which made it look like his hands were over the hood doing the "superman" pose. There was just barley an inch between him and the car.  Then another car was right behind it too. (They have MPs handing out tickets at the cross walk now.)   Who knows how many other things we don’t even know about!  Yes, God is so worthy to be praised.  

“You are worthy.”  MUST LISTEN TO IT FROM HERE    It is a song that  I have been listening to for weeks now.  I could listen to it over and over again. This song brings such joy to my heart. I have even heard my Beloved humming it several times, although, I am not sure why he doesn’t just sing it out. He has a smooth tenor voice. Oh, I love to hear him sing and hum!  Sitting next to him in church and just quietly praying as he sang along with the music use to be so soothing to my spirit. I say “use to” because with little ones needing to be trained during the church service, in this stage of life, I do not get much opportunity to just listen to him sing.  And, although, it is enjoyable to hear, it is just one of my favorite things about being quiet and listening to him. There are two even more special times though. I love hearing him when he is quietly praying in the Spirit over me and the Children.   I often try to sneak around the corner of my Children’s room to listen to him do the Children’s bed time prayers. There is something just so special about hearing him speaking blessings over them.  Matter of fact, just the other day, the Little Lady and I were talking about how Jacob had a blessing spoken over him by his father.  The Little Lady said, “Do you think Daddy will say a blessing over me when he is about to die?”  I smiled at my sweet little redhead and said, “Your Daddy speaks a blessing over you every night when he prays with you before you go to sleep.”  She reflected a moment and said, “Wow. Yes, he does.” 

I am wearing a new token of my Beloved’s love for me. We just celebrated fifteen years!  Happiness!  This year for our fifteenth wedding anniversary Beloved bought me a rose gold ring with a small intricate flower leaf design with diamonds.  I was surprised. I had no idea how he snuck away without me knowing.  Apparently, during a switch-a–roo with the help of my parents and a physical therapy appointment for me, he dropped me off and took the only child that does not talk to the mall. (That would be the Little Lass who is never away from me due to nursing.) Sweet, huh? I know how hard it was for him to go pick jewelry out for me. He doesn’t like to pick out things like that at all. He says, “I never know what to get you.”  He makes me smile. I have simple but expensive taste! How hard can it be?  (wink) So, when I opened up the ring, he said, “There were many other things to choose from but that this particular ring looked more like you – or what I perceive to be you.”   And, as usual, I also received my yearly anniversary love letter as well.  The letter doesn’t really have sweet lines of romantic poetry with dripping honey. It is more a recap of our year and how different things have changed our lives and marriage.  It is sweet and I have everyone in a binder.

I just realized that I do not have a book on my nightstand. So, I am not currently reading anything. I must remedy this travesty!

This evening, the door bell rang. So, I casually walked down the hallway only to be greeted with a sweet little 7 year old smile. He was holding a dozen dark pink roses in his hands. I opened the storm glass door to his excited little voice proclaiming, “Momma, It was my idea to buy you flowers at the grocery store.”  Awwww! Beloved came through the door and I said, “Was it his idea to buy me flowers?”  He said, “It was his. I tried to convince him that you might like an assortment of color but he insisted on roses.”  Smart boy! What girl doesn’t like roses?  So, in my kitchen, stands a crystal vase with the most cheerful looking roses a girl could ask for!

 I am not one to want Thanksgiving to end and rush right out the door. Matter of fact,  I like the little cartoon in which the family is all sitting around the table and they are looking at all the icons of Christmas trying to overwhelm the table as if they are crazy.  (Santa, snowman, and Rudolph holding up a sign saying ‘Christmas Sales for Black Friday’)  Then, the caption on the picture says, “We are still eating leftovers!”    Honestly, why do we have to rush Thanksgiving out the door? I will be sad to see my little Turkey blessing sign come down, my pumpkins put away, and the candle fragrances of pumpkin pies and carmel apples gone!  But, it appears that my neighborhood is ready to decorate! Even before Thanksgiving some of the people on my block had their Christmas decorations up.  And, when we drove into the officer housing this evening, several military wives had those brave military men doing the decorating outside.  It appeared that the men would rather fight on the battle field rather than tangle with Christmas lights and enormous blow ups!  So, around the house, we will be putting our decorations up with Christmas music blaring some time soon.  Then, I will sit down with a good cup of apple cidar, lower the music and admire all the red in my home!  
                                                       ( My friends, Dawn and Chris made my Turkey. This is Dawn's picture. 
                                                                     She sales them. If you are intersted this is her site. ) 



What do I buy for Christmas?  Oh…. Christmas presents!  The question for the season it appears! I can’t say I am necessarily thinking thrifty this holiday season. That just seems to be something that comes naturally when you live on a budget. But, around this time, I do like to remind myself to consider things of value    elegant or treasure worthy.  Those words help me a little in keeping things simple. It has  always been helpful since I have no idea what to buy! We haven’t decided yet what we will get the Children this year but we have some ideas rolling around in regards to their special Christmas “trip” gift that will be redeemed throughout the year.    

Well, I know I didn’t get to all the bold journal snippets that you are supposed to write on this month (I probably never will)  but before I go I want to share one more thing in regards to a pondering thought. On the way to the mountains, Beloved stopped for lunch at a sit down restaurant. While there a waitress came up to serve our little family. She took our drink order and she commented on the Little lass.  She asked her age and Beloved said, “5 months.”  She continued on taking our order, delivering our food, ect.  During our dinner an older couple came up to us and told us how well behaved our children were. The waitress was nearby and I believe she heard the entire conversation.  Just as we were about to leave, Beloved took the boys to the bathroom. The waitress came up to our table again. This time she asked the Little Lass’s name. So, I told her. The very next second, she began to cry. The waitress said this, “I just had a baby in September. I gave her up for adoption. I have a 5 year old and a 1 year old and I couldn’t afford another child. I work for tips only.”  I immediately thought, “Lord, What would my friend, Anne, say to her?”  Beloved came back to the table with me visually shacken and hearing the Holy Spirit pouring words out of my mouth, ‘You are courageous. God is pleased with you and you have given this couple a blessing and a valuable treasure.”  When we got to the car, my Children asked many questions because although they have seen the “good” side of adoption (the many friends we have that have adopted) they were for the first time exposed to the other side.  The question that I thought was the most interesting was from the Little Lady. She asked, “Why do people feel the need to pour their life history to you  in a public place.” My comment to her was, “Well, Mommy and Daddy have never just blended in. Daddy is 6’5” and Momma has curly redhair. Now, we have 5 small Children and that is fairly rare now in this society too!  Most people have always felt the need to comment on something often times not sure what to say but wanting to interact with us. Now, what is the biggest difference to many is the amount of Children we have. Sometimes those words come across praising like the older couple in the restaurant. Other times, it comes across as a comment that is rude because they simply just feel the need to express themselves without thinking through their thoughts. Our family is different in many visual ways that is why we try to make sure we are conscious about bring the Glory to God with our behavior and not just drawing attention to us.”   I spent the rest of the day reflecting on the events. Then, I wrote my friend, Anne. I told her how all her words over the years on adoption were used for God’s glory in the situation.  She wrote me back, “Carmen, I was praying for some encouragement today!”   Now, isn’t that just like God to do that! Circulating blessings!

PS. And, because everyone says, "You are never in your pictures!"   I think the computer will explode.This is the third one this week! Probably wont be anymore until next Christmas.  Especially close ups. This picture puts at least 20 pounds on me. But, I do love my earings!   :)

* As usual the items in bold are the snippets to help write the journal entry for the "simple homemakers journal".


  1. What a special opportunity to minister that poor hurting mom. I am sure that is just what God wanted her to hear right then. While I am older and don't have a lot of kids with us in the restaurants any more - we often practice a habit I was taught by a dear older lady to ask the servers if there is something they would like us to pray for them when we say our blessings for our food - only once were we turned down with a "nothing". Sometimes we are blessed by the response, but often a flood gate opens up of hurt and need that the person is carrying and they sense we really care about their problem (and many are very serious issues). Once or twice we had the server squat down beside the table and ask to pray with us. The Lord is so good and cares for each person - I am sure you were an angel to that dear lady and sent by God for just such a time.

    1. I hope so, Mrs. Patti. I sure can't get the experience out of my mind. No prayer release yet.

      I have a sweet friend who does this as well. One time, about 20 of us, were out to eat and he had 5 servers stop and pray with us. Their eyes were wide as saucers when he asked them. But, they sure didn't hold back on the list of prayer request. ;)

  2. I loved this post! Thank you so much for sharing with us. The picture of you is lovely. You are a beautiful woman, inside where it counts and outside where others see. God is good. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  3. What a wonderful post this is, Carmen! So important for us to allow God to use us in helping others - you were there, you were ready!

    (love your hair totally!) :)

  4. Enjoyed hearing about your Thanksgivings...we have similar situations with having the six all blond haired children...creates quite a stir every time we go out...We can sit in a restaurant and just surreptitiously glance around and you can see which tables are talking about you and how everyone at that table is staring at more often than not we have someone stop and say something to us on their way out. Or even cuter, we will be walking in, husband in the front with me following up at the end and we see the people counting all the children as we walk by..just makes me smile inside, God is Good!

    I was in the grocery store parking lot the Friday before Thanksgiving and I was loading up the children and groceries. I saw a gentleman pull up and was waiting for the spot next to me, I was just about done and he said, "Ma'am, I saw you in the store with your children and just wondered if you would allow me to treat them to McDonald's for lunch today" and he had a few dollars that he wanted to hand me. I walked over and said that was so kind and thank you so much. He said he had two boys in college and new how expensive it could get and I said I had 5 boys and one daughter. He said to have a great afternoon and when he left I looked at the money, it was over $30 !!! I was shocked and just sat there bawling my eyes out in the car at how wonderful our Lord is!

    We have a house showing tomorrow at 3pm, I am praying the people make an offer!!!

    I found your Facbook page but could not add you as a friend. I am on there as SixQuivers but I do not use my facebook account for anything but couponing...he he he

    Be blessed my Sister in Christ

    1. Great story! 30$ A blessing indeed!

      We had a small little blessing like that as well. We were in the store last week and this lady comes up to us in a hurry. (She was the florist) She said to the Little Lady, "You have such pretty hair." Then, she turns to Beloved and says, "I see you have 4 children. I give roses to sweet well behaved children." She then hands the Little Lady 4 red roses. The Little Lady was tickled pink. Then, out pops the other child and she had to recount out loud. (I always get a chuckle at those that know how to count past the number 3 especially as their voice gets louder while they are doing it.) Anyway, free Roses for our Mountain Retreat. Grocery store floriest are always sweet.

  5. Very sweet post. From a proud mama and grandma (GiGi).

  6. What a lovely update. Happy Anniversary! Your restaurant story gave me goose-bumps because just yesterday we heard a testimony from an older woman in church who gave a baby up for adoption with much despair, and was re-untied with her daughter 26 years later. There was not a dry eye in the pews. God turns our messes into things of beauty.

    1. Oh Nell, "God turns our messes into things of beauty!" Amen.

  7. My heart was pulled by these words...Happy Anniversary, flowers from a child, the thanksgiving list..then I couldn't complete the end without tears. Today we will have new news on if my oldest and his wife will be adopting a little boy, we know his mother and yes, a gift a total gift as she releasing him knowing that is her greatest love gift to him. God released His son to die for our sins...the greatest love gift.
    Beautiful post...I love your pondering

    1. Thank You, Mrs. Janette. God's greatest gift is salvation. I am so thankful to be "Adopted" into the Lord's kingdom as well.

  8. oh Carmen! I SO loved reading this post of yours! I do hope we meet one day! I loved every bit of it and the last part brought tears to my eyes! I love how our God is so good to all and He used you to minister to a hurting lady and a friend that needed encouragement. I loved the romantic bit earlier in the post too, I loved it all! :)


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