Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Recycled Stamps

One thing you can't recycle is wasted time.  - Unknown
The Military requires us to recycle when you live on a military instillation. 
And, with a family of 7, we have a good bit of recycling material. My Kiddos are always getting into the recycle bin that is in the garage before it heads out to the recycled trash can outside the house. They enjoy making projects out of recycled material. It allows them to use their imagination.  
We also have alot of craft supplies around here. I have a good bit of foam stickers.`So once I saw a project on the Internet that used them a little differently I figured we would give the project a try.  
We put foam stickers on the lids that we recycled. 
Then, used them as stamps.
So easy, I didn't think it would work well.
I thought the little craft project would be a waste of time and a total bomb.
I was wrong!


  1. Thanks for sharing this - I told the children's librarian here. (although she doesn't have lots of the foamy stickers at present)

  2. Ah, Carmen! So fun to get a chance to read thru your blogposts. My daughter, Sarah (SarahJayne), lets me know some of the things you post on pinterest, so I get a bit of a glimpse into some of the things you're doing! :) It always makes me smile when she tells me, "mama, your friend, Carmen pinned....."
    Perhaps I'll get a chance to blog or at least read a bit more consistently....just busy around here!
    Hope you have a grand day!


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