Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Consignment bulk shopping

"Whoever said money can't buy happiness simply didn't know where to go shopping." - B. Derek
A friend found out that I buy consignment clothes for my Children. She has always commented how nicely dressed the kiddos are when we are out and about but I never told her where I got their clothes. It isn't a secret. I just never bring it up. 
Well, she wrote me and said that she snuck into my blog and went through some of my thrifty post and that it has encouraged her to think out side the box when it comes to not just mall shopping.  However, she wanted to see a more adequate depiction of the more realistic one time bulk buying at the seasonal consignment sale that I attend.  I told her that I would try to get around to her request since she wanted to see more than just the occasional snap shots of when I pick something up at a consignment or garage sale.  
Obviously, I have 5 children so my total is crazy!
 But, it does show the possibilities of how little you can spend on just one child. 
Keep in mind this doesn't include shoes or undergarments because I buy those new.
The 2 boys wear the same size. They didn't have any shirts in their sizes due to growing. So, I bought 11 (short sleeve and long sleeve) polos and it averaged just under $3 a piece.  I bought the boys 2 pairs of jeans and 2 dress pants for the average of $4.00 a piece as well. And, they have shorts already for the summer due to my sister tossing some my way.
The bigger girls were born in the fall and winter so sizes are off with the Little Lass.  A few things overlapped but not much so she gets a few things that are new to us.
9 outfits with bloomers (one not pictured ) at about $2.70 a piece (12mo and 18 mo sizes)
2 night gowns as well for about $2 a piece. A few of these items were never worn with tags still on them.
The Little Miss (3T and 4T short and long sleeve)
12 outfits with bloomers averages out to be $5 a piece
Little Miss will wear these and then the Little Lass will wear these too in just a few years.
She also got a nightgown for $3.

The Little Lady
7 items averages out to be less than $3 a piece
It is hard to find her clothes that are modest and not tweeny!
So, I do have to buy things for her online.
I wonder how other families do it?


  1. We do it just like you! Our local goodwill is a great place...It even has a half price color of the week! - talk about stretching your dollars!

    1. Keri, I use to find great deals at goodwill! This state calls the goodwills something different (although owned and ran by the same organization) and they must ship their more quality items out of state! (sigh) My Kiddos used to find all their legos there! I was so spoiled!

  2. My two oldest girls (11) are tall and thin, and it is next to impossible to find modest clothing for them in the kids section of any store, so I switched to the women's section at Goodwill! For them, I look in both petite and misses sections. Some of their cutest outfits were really made for grown-ups (and only cost me $1.29 on a sale day! Shh! Don't tell anyone!). :)

    1. Ha! Ha! Your secret is safe with me! It looks like I might be headed to the Jr section too. I wonder how many times we were at goodwill at the same time and didn't know it! I miss color coded day with my military discount at our last place! ;)

  3. Wow, you make quite a deal there, and the clothes are so cute and look brand new! In my single days, I just shopped all the high-end department stores (how dumb was that?), but now that the girls have to earn their clothes money (with jobs around the house), they have become quite the thrify shoppers at Goodwill and the like. Our little country town has 3 thrift shops -- times have changed.

    1. Yes, indeed! Times have changed! My Mom doesn't remember thrift stores when I was a child. Maybe one or two but not like there are now.

  4. Great buys! I love it when good deals are found. God bless.


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