Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Little Lady Reading Log Jan/Feb

"The more you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go." Dr Seuss   

The Little Lady

January 2013

You Wouldn't want to be a Civil War Soldier  (History)
You Wouldn't want to be a Ninja  (History)
How God Stopped The pirates   (Christian Fiction Reading List)
How God sent a Dog to Sava A Family (Christian Fiction Reading List)
How God used a Drought and an Umbrella  (Christian Fiction Reading List)
First Thousand Words in Spanish  (Foreign Language)
Spanish Hablo Expanol  (Foreign Language)
The Very Quiet Cricke't  (Picture book)
Spring With the Moodys  (Christian Fiction Reading List)
Summer With Robinson (Christian Fiction List)
The Secret Soldier (Christian Fiction List)
The Story of Moses (Christian Fiction List)
Joseph and his Coat   (Christian Fiction List)
The Dreams Came True (Christian Fiction list)
3 Brave men (Christian Fiction List)
Daniel and the Big Cats (Christian Fiction List)
Flags Unmarked (History)
Box Car: Hidden Beach  (Twaddle Literature)
Box Car: Mystery of Spider Clue  (Twaddle Literature)
Quote the Prophet (Christian Fiction List)
Box Car: The Spy Game  (Twaddle Literature)
Autumn Day with the Moodys  (Christian Fiction List)
Box Car: Mystery of Peacock Hall  (Twaddle Literature)
Box Car: Guide Dog Mystery  (Twaddle Literature)
Box Car: Mystery of the Stolen Sword (Twaddle Literature)
Box Car: Radio Mystery (Twaddle Literature)
Twenty and Ten  (Secular Reading List)

Febuary 2013

Robin Hood    (Literature)
Balloon Animals   (Art and Crafts)
Swiss Family Robinson  (Litarture)
Marshmellow Incident  (Math)
The Statue of Liberty  (History)
The King with out a Shadow  (Christian Fiction)
You wouldn't want to sail on the Titantic  (History)
You wouldn't want to explore with Sir Frances Drake (History)
Knights Handbook  (History)
Box Car: Movie Star Mystery (Twaddle Literature)
A Light in the Attic   (Poetry)
Where the Side Walk Ends   (Poetry)
 Nims Island (Secular Reading List)
The Big Birthday Surprise  (Math)


  1. Wow! What a great reader! those books are really fun! Good Job Little Lady!

  2. Excellent list! Good Job Little Lady! teehe, I like how you put "Twaddle Lit.".

  3. Love that saying by Dr Seuss ....wish my kiddos loved to read like this, good job!

  4. Wow! She is one great reader! You've reminded me to post our list from last year which I'd been meaning to do :)


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