Saturday, March 9, 2013

Purple/ Blue House Dress

"Let’s face it, the minute you wear them, they become used. So why pay more for the privilege of taking the tags off your clothes yourself?" ~Unknown
The Little Lady has complained that pants are restrictive and uncomfortable since she was a toddler. So, my girls wears dresses almost all the time. The cotton Lands End dresses are their favorite and hold up extremely well! Occasionally, I have to just bite the bullet and by them off the Land End site but typically their Land End dresses came from consignment shops or garage sales.  Most of the time they have already been worn by someone else. Then, she wears them. And, then they get passed down to little sister!  So, to say, we are always on the look out for them is an understatement. 
Recently, we were tickled when we found this dress in a department store a few weeks ago for just $5.00.
Then, my Mom sent her two different looking Land End dresses that she found at her department store in her State for $5.00 a piece as well.
.... feeling mightily blessed!
P.S. She got her hair cut to just below her shoulders!


  1. I love Lands End clothings, they are such nice quality, and thrift finds even better.

  2. I rejoice with you! : ) My girls and I and even hubs, we just love those little treasures!

    I smiled when I read about your little girl not liking restrictive waists, Marianna was the same way! And she still loves her skirts, she really doesn't do jeans unless the activity would absolutely require it.

    This past fall and winter I found several wool skirts one at a time as the Lord led on ebay. They are my favorite skirts now for cool weather and the prices were soooo reasonable for something lightly worn. God is good to send these special blessings. : )

  3. I love the dress. So cute! I'm glad you were able to get some at such a good price. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  4. Ha ha! My dd says the opposite.....she does not like dresses anymore as she can't do cartwheels in them and be modest at the same time! :)


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