Wednesday, April 3, 2013

45 Balloons

                                No wise man ever wished to be younger. - J. Swift
Beloved is turning 45 this weekend. We are going camping for his birthday, so we thought it would be fun to celebrate a little early. 
We surprise him with cake and ice cream 
(He was born in the late 60s during the flower cars time)
....and decorated with 45 blow up balloons!
Our cheeks are killing us now.
Apparently, I am full of a lot of hot air! 


  1. Wow!!! 45 balloons!!! Girl my jaws hurt thinking about it. Nice job celebrating. Have a great time camping.

    1. I have heard of helium by the way! But, at $1.20 a balloon the idea of him walking into a room of 45 balloons went by the wayside to just a balloon room! Less dramatic but never the less fun for the children. They thought it was a special surprise for him.

  2. Oh card is in the looking for it!!

  3. Happy Birthday to you, Chris! You have a terrific family! (Love all the balloons!)

  4. Happy birthday to your Beloved! The party looks very festive. God bless.

  5. Haha, how fun!!! I'm sure the kiddos loved the balloons! Fun cake too!


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