Monday, April 15, 2013

Growing in Garden Pots

"Easily pick 60 pounds of tomatoes from one garden box. Replace an entire in ground garden with just six boxes." -
I am skeptical! But the images that I have seen on g**gle and blog land are amazing.
We can't have a garden on the military instillation here 
So we are trying our hand at the grow box by garden patch.
We will see....
the deer have already eaten my landscaping bushes!


  1. Somebody looks all excited about the prospect of endless vegetables! I hope it works. There is really nothing more rewarding than eating something that you grew yourself.

  2. Oh, good luck! Too too bad about the deer eating your bushes, though. We have a book at the library about which plants deer don't eat - maybe your library has it!

  3. Thank you so much for your sweet comment my friend! It means so much. Good luck growing your tomatoes and other goodies, there's nothing like getting it from your own yard! That little one's smile truly made my day!Hope all is going well! Have a wonderful Monday!


  4. Oh, your weather looks so inviting. I wish you the best with your tomatoes, it looks like you have a some great helpers to keep them watered. Have a super week!


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