Saturday, May 25, 2013

1st Annual Dog Run

Run like the Wind. ~ Unknown
The 1st Annual Dog Run was to raise money for the local animal shelters!
There was a lot of puppy love! 
But don't think the kisses were free!
The Little Man came in 3rd  with the time of 9.44 in the 1 miler.
Daddy ran with him.
 But, once the Little Man was safely in my sight, Daddy ran back to where the Little Lady was at with the rest of the crew that was with us! 
Then, Daddy and the Little Lady left the dog pack! 
She came in 6th just  under 15.00 for the 1 miler. She would have come in faster but she had to wait a little on Papa and had to wait on Daddy to back track to her. 
Once she was safely beside me, Daddy ran back from the finish line to the Little Miss who was running with Papa. The Little Miss came in at 17. 46 for the 1 miler. 
Poor Papa! 
He was surprised to learn that he would not be walking the 1 mile because she was determined to run it the whole way! It was a little more exercise than what he thought!
Poor Beloved.
I have no idea what he actually ran today with all his back tracking!
But, the Ladies that were doing the course commented on the fact that he must have a whole crew of kiddos! ;)
 As usual, I cheered on the side lines. 
  My other cheerleaders were the Little Gentleman, the Little Lass and Gigi! 
The Little Miss  was a little embarrassed by the attention she was getting!


  1. Oh Carmen this is so great! What good parents you and Beloved are! What a nice way to teach our children a sweet and needed cause not to mention compassion and mercy for sweet little fur angels. (We just adopted another Marianna found!) Oh my! : )

    Loved seeing your day. <3 Mrs. Amelia

  2. Fun day but poor PaPa is still paying for it. Little Miss is one determined little lady to run the whole way. Proud of all the runners.

  3. Times like this will one day be remembered by your children, the extra effort daddy put in for all of them. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I wasn't too sure anyone was still reading it beings I haven't been on it in a while.


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