Monday, July 29, 2013

Getting Ready for Church

 A Sunday school teacher asked her little children, as they were on the way to church service, "And why is it necessary to be quiet in church?" One little girl replied,
 "Because people are sleeping."
~ Church bulletin quote
All dressed....
Just before we walk out the door....
But, it gets even better!
Just as we walk into the church doors,
Beloved and I realize that one of her brothers has two left shoes on his feet!
But, "Hey! I did bring the crockpot of chicken for the Meal after Service."
(We won't tell anyone that we had to turn around to go back and get it!) 


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog....nice to meet you :-)

  2. Ha! My sister in law was going down the hall to an upscale event, my bil looked at her feet. She had two different shoes on!

    I have another sil, she was wearing a camel and black suit. She looked down, one shoe was black, one camel colored!

    ...Once when we spoke at our homeschool local workshop, I looked down when our family was getting ready to be announced. My slip had fell to my ankles!!! I had to run into the exhibit hall to fix things and came out in time to run to the front! At least it cut down on nervousness! God moves in mysterious ways! *big smile*

    At least we can laugh at ourselves right? : D At least it was just a sweet little boys shoes and shhh...we won't tell on your potluck. never. ; )

    Baby girl is so cute, love her little bracelet.

    Have a great day, ~Mrs. Amelia

    1. Wonderful snippets of stories! I will never forget when a sweet dear lady walked out of the bathroom down the aisle of Church when her dress tucked into her panty hose! I was a teenager and I was more embarrassed for her than she was of her own situation! (Giggle)

    2. Oh Carmen! (I'm covering my open mouth with my hands!) Oh that poor, poor lady! I would just croak if I did that. I just cannot imagine! Oh that poor thing!

      Did she laugh about it later? Oh wow. That poor dear! And to think there were men present!!!!

    3. She was a "Character" anyway! She laughed and laughed. She got remarried when she was like 70. And, it was the funniest wedding ever because it was a shot gun wedding! Literally! The groomsmen who were the husband-to-be older children' (all in their 50s) came out into the church with shotguns as a joke!

      The husband-to-be was a WW2 veteran. He was so sweet. One day during the service they were honoring the active duty military and I leaned back because they sat behind me and said, "I haven't forgotten you, today!" He started to tear up right then. He was the only man who came back from his company. I made a friend forever that day!

  3. She is adorable!! I've learnt never to sign up to bring salad to potlucks because I always seem to have a mental block to remember to it.


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