Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Pondering Thoughts of June/July

"Watch your thoughts, for they become words. Watch your words, for they become actions. Watch your actions, for they become habits. Watch your habits, for they become character. Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny." - Unknown

I have no idea what is outside my window tonight. The blinds have been pulled down for the evening.  All the lights are turned down low. The Children are all snuggled up in their beds.   Even the cats are all cozying up in their favorite warm spots; It is their normal routine to take a cat nap just before they go prowling through the house in the dark.  I am laying in bed listening to all those sounds that tend to make themselves known only when Beloved is not at home in the evenings!  Now that I am focused on it, the night time sounds are different tonight. I hear a rumble but it isn't the normal sound of military guns going off.  We probably have storms coming our way. So, I must stop for a moment in my typing to look at the weather.  And, of course, the weather shows more green cells with a good bit of yellow and red in them. 
More rain! 
Our days have been filled with a good bit of rain as well.  We have been dodging the weather all summer. Our bike rides and our time at the pool has been planned totally around the rain.  It hasn't been unpleasant at all though.  It has helped us to just spend most days keeping a light schedule with a little routine -- chores and a few projects mostly.

Our  learning room has been quiet lately.  Except for devotions and our read aloud, we took several weeks  off so we could enjoy a little summer break. I am still coasting through July as well.  I had never really taken  a summer break but I had to make some decisions on which direction to go with a few of my little students!  The time off has given me the opportunity to organize and plan.  It was really enjoyable. I spent time researching and ordering curriculum!  (Love!)  Handing the Principal the receipts! (Awesome!) Tearing through the boxes when they arrived. (Nothing like it!)  And, then.... (Crashing!) Lesson planning  always brings me d-o-w-n off my high every time! However, now that the Little One's portfolios are completed and their reading list is all set up  to be highlighted as we read through the books, we will push it back into  gear soon!

All though there really isn't any desire to put it into drive quite yet.  We have been perfectly happy just doing some summer reading.  The Little Lady and I have been reading C.S. Lewis's books.  We just finished reading  all 7 books of the Chronicles of Narnia!  It was such an enjoyable snuggle time especially since we have been reading them on the recliner during nap time and through those afternoon thundershowers.  To say that we have a C.S.Lewis fan in the house would be an understatement! I do believe the characters will stick with her for a very long time.  She was always commenting on the fact that Lewis came up with the most fascinating names!  I agree.  And, I assured her if we ever get a rat (um, never! But, if...) we would name it Reepicheep!   We are now taking a different turn, what is on the night stand now is the  "The Railway Children."

Although it has been a light schedule, some of it has been strategically done simply because the Children and I have been hanging out together while Beloved has been gone  this month.   His crew has inspections going on all over the place.  (Germany, Washington, Kentucky, etc.)  We were going to go with him!  But, when Beloved and I sat down and crushed numbers on this July's monthly budget, we discovered for the same price I could travel; we could instead  take that amount of money and pay off our ONLY loan -- the camper!  Beloved left it up to me as to what I wanted to do. He never tried to  influence my decision because he wanted us to go with him too.   I am sure he knew what I would do in the end anyway! But, oh, it was a hard decision!   I do love traveling and seeing all my friends all over the States!  So, to remain focus,  I have been pondering  the goals we will be setting up for the rest of this year.  It hasn't been easy though! This last week, I have had to listen to Financial Sermons  to give me an extra push while I wait for Beloved to come home. And, the 31st when the camper will be paid off just isn't coming fast enough either!  To say I am hoping to have this trip that I sacrificed this summer a distant memory very quickly would be an understatement!  I keep saying, "Debt Free!"  And reminding myself what it was like before, since this is our second time being totally debt free in our marriage. I am so looking forward to "living like no one else" again!

Now, Don't think I still won't be thinking Thrifty!  Right now, I am in the middle of a huge fall consignment project! And, just this past weekend, the Children and I dragged my sister to a few garage sales when she came to visit. The girl hadn't been to a garage sale since the last time I dragged her to one several years ago!   Imagine that!   I go practically every Saturday after my morning chores are finished, always between 10 and Noon, and I always include a little McDs soda stop too!  

Well, It is getting a little late and I am going to go get a little drink.  But, before I go I must tell you what is going on in my Kitchen.  We have been cooking up my fresh veggies from the container garden! I am extremely pleased with them!   Not so pleased with my tomatoes though! But, pleased enough with everything else.  We are still watching  the squash grow! And, I do believe we have the tiniest little watermelon.   I am so tickled by it all, that I might think about a little fall crop.

 I am so thankful I got a little chance to writing a few things down this evening...  It gave me a little time to think about how much God loves me! How extremely blessed I am! God is so good.

* As usual the items in bold are the snippets to help write the journal entry for the simple homemakers journal


  1. I love it when you make a post like this one. I can just imagine all that is going on in your home. Congratulations on being debt free. I personally think you made the right decision. Enjoy your day and God bless.

    1. Thanks Mrs. Donna. Post like these make me be more opened, I suppose. They are fun to do.

  2. So nice to hear what you are up to! All good things, I'd say! Sounds like you've made such good use of your time! I have not looked at our curriculum for next year yet. I think you've inspired me though! Hope the rest of your summer is equally productive! BTW, I consider rest to be part of a productive environment! Enjoy those snuggling reading times!

    1. Looking forward to seeing what you will do this year, Keri. I am almost going into the Jr High transition year with my oldest. I could use some tips!

  3. Great post! I enjoyed our time together and love my little item that was purchased (with your money, I forgot to give you back) at the yard sale! Love you!

  4. You sound busy! (Are we ever NOT busy?!?) We're Lewis fans here, too, and I think he'd approve of your current reading, even though that book had ME in tears at the end (but not my kids). :) (Lewis said once that Nesbit was one of his favorite childhood authors.)

    I was hoping to get out your way this summer, but we decided to put the money toward house projects and I really are living parallel lives! (Or we're just a lot alike!) :)

    I miss our email chats...maybe in the Fall we'll be less busy...or more organized, or something! For now, I'm grateful that you blog! :)

    1. Yes, Indeed!

      I am coming your way next summer for a visit for sure! aka: another inspection!

  5. Looks like lots of good things going on in your home :-) what a blessing to be completely debt free! Congratulations. Wishing you all the best! Enjoy your summer time ;-)


  6. Congrats on getting that camper paid off! I happened to find your delightful blog while reading at My Forest Cathedral and the story of their duck Little Daisy. Like you, I refer to my husband as Beloved in my blog posts. You have a lovely blog!


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