Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A crazy school notion

"By learning you will teach, by teaching you will learn." - Latin Proverb
Beloved convinced me to apply to a Graduate Space Education program instead of  doing the other Graduate Program that I started awhile back. I had 4 of the 12 classes completed out of the other program through my scholarship/grant money but he said  "The Space program will be fun. I think you will enjoy it. It is an interesting subject. I can help you if you need it. The children will benefit.  And.....on and on.  "    
I applied thinking I would never be accepted and thought that since I would never be accepted I would not have to worry about learning ALL new material. Besides,  I don't even have an undergrad in it and I don't plan on using it anyway outside the home. 
So what happened? 
I got accepted!
They obviously will accept anyone!
 I am sure the qualification of  "Airhead" did not get me in to this Space Education program.
Let's just say that I can physically feel all the new brain connectors sizzling and growing!
The amount of work equals two undergrad classes in my opinion.
And, with being a full time Homeschool Mom and the duties of a Military Wife .....
The load is to heavy for me to do anything but one class at a time.
And, it requires me to do all the work after the Children are in bed.
It is actually a class where you have to read the book!
Imagine that.
I have a 5 hour lecture that I have to listen to every Monday from 830pm to 130am this semester.  It is all through the computer. It is similar to video conferencing. I can hear and see my professor and hear and see all the people in the class  -- all in the comfort of any room in my house!
I have research discussion questions  every week that you post to a "board" which consist of you doing research, posting your research to the professors question and then commenting on other peoples research. 
I have a test every week as well.
I have a MID TERM
I have a 20 page research paper.
I have a FINAL
 All in 9 Weeks.
Not 18 weeks. 9 weeks!
I have made it through 3 weeks of class.
This program will be one in which it could take  1 1/2 years to complete if you do a full time load of 2 classes! I will finish it on slow time. I will take one class every 9 weeks unless we have "life" happening because life always happens here!  An example: In March, Beloved will be going to get his Instructors Airplane add-on. He will have to study for 6 weeks so that semester will be one in which I will take off.
I am thinking it will take me 3 years or more.
That is if I can understand Aerospace Engineer lingo.
They live on a different planet than I do. You know?
And, if I can keep from feeling stupid. The fact that the entire bio of every one in the class ranks on the geniuses level was slightly intimidating to this little ole homemaker!
Thank God, Beloved speaks "AERO" lingo.
I can assure you that by the time I talk every concept out to him to make sure I understand it, he will wish he had never talked me into such a crazy idea!


  1. It will be very interesting to hear about this as time goes on. It sounds terribly difficult - I admire you, Carmen, for going forward with it.

  2. Good for you! A little crazy, but very admirable.

  3. You rock, girl! I would never attempt anything like that. My brain got a little tired to hearing about it. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  4. I think it's awesome! You'll do great! In fact, you may be the best equipped to handle complex theories. I mean, you've got to have a complex mind to handle the family/militaryspouse thing all the time, right?!

  5. Wonderful! And the term "Airhead" is NOT in your dictionary!! You are a Smart Cookie, and I use that term as VERY complimentary! I can't wait to hear all about it.

  6. Oh dear me.... You and Marianna would have a lot in common right now! : )

  7. Congratulations!!! That is wonderful news! I understand the workload, it sure is a balancing act but time management is key. I wish you all the very best!!



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