Saturday, September 14, 2013

Just an Art Lesson

"The Earth with out ART is just eh!" - PinQuote
The Children are doing their art lesson while Mr. Stebbing is teaching it on the computer through his "How Great Thou Art" video. 
.... learning foreshortening


  1. I love this curriculum and have used many of their products in the past. I was not aware they now had video curriculum as well. I will have to check them out again.

    1. Tara. He doesn't live to far from us. He does workshop seminars in our area a lot. We bought his vidoes and they are great. He basically just does exactly what the workbook does but he explains slightly bit more and draws what he wants you to learn on the each lesson. It is just a nice little visual aid.

  2. So cool! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend! Enjoy!


  3. This is so cute. Looks like a fun classroom. :) <3

    -Rebecca (poeticcapture)


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