Friday, December 13, 2013

New Big Boy "bird" Toy

   "The engine is the heart of the airplane but the pilot is it's soul." - Sir Walter Raleigh

Sparing you all the drama, I am sure you saw a whole bunch of articles during the government shut down that the Airforce was sending their C27s to the grave yard.  But in the works was our "type of" unit trying to get them!  And, guess what arrived on the ramp a couple of months ago!  Yes! There are several beautiful "birds" on our ramp! Our unit is so blessed and so very excited to be the owners of these little babies! And the Pilots are so excited! Every single one of them! And, our little family was finally able to squeeze in a field trip to Beloved's office!

                       This hanger was the biggest hanger I have ever seen in my life!!!
                                               And, I thought I had seen some hangers!
                        This little bird was sitting off to the side waiting for us to came and explore.

Cock Pit

                                                         ..... Want to be passengers!!

                                                              .... The ramp is down

...simulator thingy, 
all I know is that several, several weeks ago, 
Beloved had to fly somewhere to pick it up so they can begin training on it.

                                                   This is actually a super big deal ...
                                          But how can I express the excitement of men?!

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