Monday, March 17, 2014


"Book worms will rule the world as soon as we finish one more chapter." - Unknown

The Little Lady is ten years old and she is now at the point where she wants to earn money.  Since, we are military and we live on military installations, we are limited to the types of businesses that would be profitable to her due to our military schedule and life style.  (No Farm Animals, No Gardens, We are not allowed to even mow our military house's lawn.)  So, I spoke with several friends (some of whom are from church or just that we have met on our travels) who are also teaching their children how to run businesses at this young age. The stories that they shared with me were extremely interesting. It is so neat to hear how so many children with the guidance of their parents are learning how to use their knowledge and skills in such a wonderful way.

The ideas for businesses began to grow into a long list. It was so interesting to me to hear all the things that their children have done or are still doing. Unfortunately, although wonderful, not all the ideas were things that we could pull off due to restrictions in schedules and rules while living on a military instillation.  However, after talking to several friends who gave us some ideas,  the Little Lady decided that she would like to start a book business.  She loves to read and she likes to shop the resell book shops. So, she decided on a "Book 'tique" business.  Her desire is to buy children's books between 10 cents and 25 cents at garage sales. Then, she wants to resale them at the consignment sale this fall.  Of course, she plans on reading them too.   

We have made a few guidelines in buying books. 
The obvious ones:  no writing and no tears. 
But, of course, we want to also not buy twaddle books or those that do not met our Christian standards. So, sticking with living books will be our main guideline right now. The exception to the living book rule would be if she sees a book that is on every home school list available.  

This is going to be hard for Momma! As, I adore books too and have already seen several titles I want to buy from her for our home library! It appears that I am going to have to stop thinking of books as long life friends! 

This weekend was the seasonal Post-Wide garage sale here at the military school house. So, in her hand was her $10.00 initial start up fee. She found several books for 10 cents and 15 cents.  She plans to resale them this fall at the seasonal consignment sale. If the "winds blows" the way we are thinking it will blow, we will be moving within the year. If the area in which we think they will send us is indeed the place, we won't be living in an area that has seasonal consignment sales established unless I want to travel several hours away. So, if this proves to be profitable to her, she might move into a little online store at some point as well.  

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  1. I hope your daughter does well with her book selling and that she learns a lot throughout the adventure. I loved your story about camping and homeschooling. Enjoy your day and God bless.


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