Thursday, April 24, 2014

Lego helicopter

"Go create something!" - Unknown

I always forget to show the boys creations of all the things they build off the top of their head. 
This just so happens to be a couple of pictures in my picture archives that popped up during a picture shuffle. 

We went to an aviation museum that day. He announced he wanted a helicopter. 
However, his chore money did not cover the cost of a kit. So, he went home and built one instead.

Notice the probe. (The thing sticking out at the front of the helicopter) 
 Totally important detail ! 


  1. Totally impressive ! Another handsome pilot in the making? Love that boy!

    1. funny. He says he wants to be a master lego builder when he grows up. Either way... ;)

  2. Austin used to sneak my camera and take pictures of all his creations too. I never knew about them until I would download from my camera!
    (^^ he also wanted to be a master Lego builder for years. Must be a boy thing!)

    And I can't believe how much he looks like the little lady in that top picture!


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