Thursday, June 5, 2014

Beaded Leather Jewelry Craft

"You might be a beader if .... you have four cabinets full of beads, but you don't have just the right color for your current bead project." - Bead Quote

My Dad/Mom has a big container of  new/antique GLASS beads, leather straps, jewelry clasp and such! They uses them for reenactment jewelry. 
With my parents help we raided his supplies! 
 The Little Ones spent some time doing necklaces for the State Fair this week. 

She made a key chain and a necklace/earring set.

 These are bone beads!

 He made a glass and chicken bone necklace for his littlest sister.

 Then, he made one for himself.
His favorite color is blue.

His favorite color is green! 
So, he made a chicken bone/green necklace.

 I do believe if given a chance they would take the opportunity to use every single bead if they could!


  1. What happens to the finished projects? Do you give them as gifts? We have a ton of beads but then we end up with necklaces and bracelets and key chains that no one ever uses. Eventually I end up tossing them if they don't break first.

    1. These are glass beads and I have been instructed to keep them as they are very expensive, the same with the chicken bone beads too, they are not made in the area! I would definitely give them as gifts. Great for penpalls, and cousin "think of you" type of trinkets! These finish projects go to the State Fair to be judged. The kiddos wear them too. As you know, my girls are into bling!


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