Saturday, June 28, 2014

Dinner with Knights

"A knight in shining armor is a knight who has never had his metal truly tested."

Beloved took the Kiddos and I to a dinner show. The Medieval Times show. We were in the blue royalty section and he got front row seats for all of us.  So, they gave us extra little goodies for being in the VIP section. Little flags, DVD of the making of the show, pamphlets, etc.  It was super fun.

The Children loved cheering on the knights as they jousted and did little horse/rider tricks. The food was good as well. We were rather surprised. The Children thought it was totally funny that they had to eat with their fingers at the show as that is a super "no-no" in this house. So, we had to explain that they did not have forks back then.

During the tournament, the Blue Knight choose the Little Miss to be his Lady.  She received a blue sash.  She loved it and cheered him on from the crowd.  He was bravely tested!

However, after the show when it was time to take a picture with the Princess and the Blue Knight, she went super shy on him.  So, all her siblings jumped into the picture with her which made he feel so much better!


  1. Love it. Somehow our family seem to be chosen quite often. She looks so cute.glad everyone got their picture taken.

  2. Wow! That looks absolutely fun!


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