Thursday, July 17, 2014

Military Brat Milestone

Beloved made an appointment to get the Little Lady's Military ID Card. She was super excited. It is a big deal for military kiddos! Military Kids look forward to getting their cards because it gives them special privileges with out having their Parents ID card getting them into place and buying things at the military stores.

Beloved took her in and the ID Card people made a big deal about it too.  It is the only time you really want to deal with the ID Card office. (giggle).  Typically, You go in and your just a number to shuffle through the line.  Not when you are here age though! 

After the process was completed, she wanted to use it in an official way. So, we stopped by the Military Library to open up an account under her name. Then, she checked out library books for herself and her siblings.  She is feeling super duper excited and responsible.


  1. Yea for her! Our sweet little girl is becoming a sweet young lady.

  2. Great! Such a fun part of growing up!

  3. Such a happy smile on her! Congratulations to her and kudos to you for making it a special experience!


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