Monday, July 14, 2014

Veggi/ Fruit Picking

Orange you going to eat your fruits and veggies, today? - Stop line from Knock Knock joke.

This past weekend, a co-worked of Beloved's invited  us to come and pick veggies/fruits before the farmers put the stuff under. We got up early and picked for about an hour and half before the sand gnats and the  heat came out.  The heat was making the little ones tired and just want to go back to sleep in the car. 

I wish they could have gotten more cucumbers. The cucumbers will be eaten up quickly. The boys picked what was left which was about 12.

I went into the blueberries bushes.

Super Funny! Most of the Family does not like Okra. But, the Kiddos liked picking okra the best!

They picked a little corn as well.
While I was taken care of the other veggies, Beloved blanched the corn in the dishwasher! 
Rinse and dry cycle. 


  1. I gigled when I came to the corn as I have never seen so much food intentially in the dishwasher before. *big smile* That's an interesting way to blanch corn. Lovely harvest, praise the Lord! Sincerely, Mommy of two growing blessings & so much more!

    1. I giggled as well! It seems a little odd doesn't it?! But, it works well.

  2. Oh, my word - so now it's in the freezer? incredible


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