Thursday, September 25, 2014

School Classes on the Computer

"Today is a great day to learn something new." School Quote; Pin

The children are signed up for 2 online classes (free!).

The older three are signed up for a Lego Historic Building Club for Homeschoolers.   (I sit and listen too)  This lesson was on lego puzzles. The teacher is showing how to build a puzzle. She spent 30 minutes on the History of puzzles and showed pictures of the earliest puzzles that archaeologist have found all over the world. 

The other class is an American Girl History Home school class. They go through History and the time periods of when the books were written.  They talk about the time period. They make a craft. And, the teacher shares recipes for the girls to make at home.  It is sort of a History Class/Home Ec class all in one. This class was on the Native American period. The teacher is showing how to make a craft drum.  She also showed how to make Native American cookies.

With both classes there is a little chat box for all the kiddos to type in their answers to the teachers questions.  They do not allow excess talking so no information from your children is in the chat boxes to make any connections with other students for security reasons. They don't allow video in these classes either so no one can see each child.  (It is set up just like our Graduate classes which seems to be the going format.)  However,  they do allow you to take pictures of your crafts and recipes and up load them to the teacher. Then, the teacher shares them with the class the next lesson.

The Little Lady and the Little Miss listens in on these classes.
But, when it comes to the cooking part of the class we both bailed on her!

Super glad the children get to do these classes. It gives me the opportunity to see who is ready to do a few Christian Science classes on line with some of the Christian Web Schools that cost a good bit!  We have had our eyes on a Marine Biology class for the Little Lady!  Since we don't have a TV in the house and they rarely use the computer for anything Online, they are probably not as techno savvy as many children.  Yet, they are still always a techno step ahead of me!


  1. That is awesome! How did you find these for free? My little one loves history and is always researching on her own. Any links you have would be greatly appreciated! Have a wonderful weekend!!


    1. Jill, (American Girl, Lego) Free. You can sign up any time.
      The Marine Biology, etc. are from Landry Academy. (not free) You have to sign up on a set school schedule.


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