Sunday, November 2, 2014

Looking into the Sky

"There is no easy path from the Earth to the Stars." - Hard Work Astronomy Quote

This year is the perfect year to do Astronomy! There is so much heavenly activity going on!
Several weeks ago, the kiddos all got up to see the Lunar Eclipse (Blood Moon). We all got up and kept stepping outside in the early mornings to see the Moon disappear slowly until full black with it's red glow.  Then, we piled into the car for a breakfast run.

It just so happened that day was a Wed. We have piano in the afternoons. Ms. Crystal arrived at our house all ready to go but the kiddos were super sleepy.   Ms. Crystal has a lot of students and she says that 1/2 of them are home schoolers. She said, "Don't feel bad. All the home schoolers are dragging this morning. So, far they were all up looking at the moon."  Then, as we began to talk, we discovered that the largest meteor shower is going to be the morning off the Winter afternoon piano recital! She said, "Oh no! My Home schoolers are all going to sleep through the recital! Considering there are 20 out of 40 students that are home schoolers, who knew I would have to look at NASA's calendar in order to plan a recital!" 

Another Astronomy event:
The other night, Oct 28th, We all gathered around on top of the cul-da-sac hill.  With our hot spot in hand which allows us to have Internet almost anywhere, we took our computer outside to watch the live broadcast of the Rocket blasting off that was to rendezvous with the ISS.  We sat down on the curve so we could time it just right  -- Be able to watch it blast off while watching the live feed  and then be able to look up above our horizon to see the rocket streak in the sky!  Unfortunate, as everyone knows, we were able to see it blast off but we also saw on the live feed it blow up.

After watching several clips of Astronauts at the ISS off of youtube  talking about receiving letters and equipment from Earth.  The Little Ones expressed how super sad the Astronauts must feel as they are sure there were letters and special goody bags. 


  1. Lovely blog i saw you thrue other blogger...nice posts to read...blessings ❤

  2. Awesome you guys were able to experience these much to learn and making history. :-) We observed as well....blessed where we live to have an amazing view.
    Have a wonderful weekend!


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