Monday, January 12, 2015

Dinner with Mario

"The focus of entertaining is impressing others; the focus of true hospitality is serving others." T. Chester

We have our favorite restaurants but when we go to an area that has theme restaurants or entertainment shows we always make a point to go and go big!!

This restaurant is called the "Time Machine".  Different characters are your waiters or waitresses.  We had Mario from the video game.

Mario was playing his theme music from the video game and the entire table had to go running after him around the restaurant.  He ran the children around to the salad bar.

 Once at the salad bar, he made the kiddos jump for their salad plates just like you would jump for the coins in the video game.
The salad bar was all in an old car.
He brings out "potion" drinks.  The drinks fizz.
 Beloved ordered ribs and chicken. 
So, Mario had to give him a huge bib! 
He wrapped him up.

 Beloved was stuffed but Mario had to feed the royalty at the table. 
He actually fed each of us!
If you order french fries he gives it to you with ketchup! 
 The Little Man ordered pop corn shrimp. 
He thinks that he never gets a plate with enough of them. 
This time he was amazed at the size of the plate.
 Just before dessert you have to wash your hands.
 Washing hands in the bubbly fizz was fun.
 Mario also tossed bread loaves at us
and brought us cookies with whip cream and cheesecake. 

And, for all the birthday people he made them stand up on their chairs and dance while
all the tables in the area played a table beat.


  1. What a place! I'm actually laughing out loud!

  2. Never heard of such a place. Looks like a platefull of fun!!! Love the pics!


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